Space Chimps (Blu-Ray) - £5.83 delivered @

Space Chimps (Blu-Ray) - £5.83 delivered @

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Found 4th May 2010
Ham III has some pretty big shoes to fill. Or he would, if he actually wore shoes. His grandfather was the first chimp in space, but all Ham III wants to do is wow crowds at the circus. Despite his lack of ambition, Ham is soon drawn into an epic mission, and he has no choice but to follow in his granddad's footsteps into space.

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I was astounded to see that they are making a space chimps 2. I mean, really? The first movie bombed at the box office, and was slaughtered by critics and public alike.

However, in it's defence, the younger kids seem to like it and its very cheap at £5.83. So hot.
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