Space Patrol -The Complete Series - £34.99 @ Network dvd

Space Patrol -The Complete Series - £34.99 @ Network dvd

Found 2nd Feb 2010
This is a series that can only be bought for one month and has sold for silly money on Amazon due to it's rarity.

One of Networks early hits, the complete series has long been out of print. For the whole of February 2010 only (while stocks last) and exclusively through this website we are pleased to make the series available once more for this limited period after which it will be deleted. It features a brand new cover and is now available in a single, space-saving case.

This is Earth - the year 2100. These are the adventures of SPACE PATROL, unseen on British television since 1968, now rescued and restored to delight the many fans of this cult puppet classic.

Join Galasphere 347 and its intrepid crew on their voyages around the solar system - and renew acquaintance with all those characters you thought you'd never see again: heroic Captain Dart; elfin Slim; sausage-mad Husky; Irish genius Professor Haggerty; mad Martian parrot Gabbler; and keeping them all on a tight rein (and an even tighter budget) Colonel Raeburn and his super-efficient secretary Marla.

Presented here are all 39 episodes of SPACE PATROL together with a wealth of extras including Roberta Leigh's previously unseen pilots PAUL STARR and THE SOLARNAUTS, togethr with the rarely seen THE ADVENTURES OF TWIZZLE and SARA AND HOPPITY.

This set contains the following episodes:

The Swamps of Jupiter The Wandering Asteroid The Dark Planet The Slaves of Neptune The Shrinking Spaceman The Forgers The Robot Revolution The Rings of Saturn Husky Becomes Invisible The Buried Spaceship Mystery on the Moon The Glowing Eggs of Titan The Walking Lake of Jupiter Time Stands Still Message from a Star The Fires of Mercury The Invisible Invasion The New Planet The Human Fish The Planet of Light The Talking Bell The Miracle Tree of Saturn The Cloud of Death The Planet of Thought Explosion on the Sun Volcanoes of Venus The Unknown Asteroid The Evil Eye of Venus Secret Formula The Telepathic Robot Deadly Whirlwind The Jitter Waves Sands of Death The Hairy Men of Mars The Grass of Saturn Forcefield X The Water Bomb Destruction by Sound The Shrinking Gas of Jupiter


I remember watching this. Cool.

What was the robot called?

This was always on a Sunday afternoon back in the '60's.

Here's a taster...…3qw

I was young & innocent then and any references to 'your anus' went over my head!

With titles like "The Grass of Saturn" and "The Glowing Eggs of Titan" , who could resist this piece BMovie history?
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