Space Precinct - Volume 1 - Dvd - £4.90 Delivered   with voucher

Space Precinct - Volume 1 - Dvd - £4.90 Delivered with voucher

Found 31st May 2008
This collection features two episodes from Gerry Anderson's sci-fi series. In "Double Duty," a drug war is raging in Demeter City and a professional assassin has taken matters into his own hands. In "Protect and Serve," a smuggler murders an informant, and the only witness is an unscrupulous business executive. Brogan and Haldane must offer the businessman protection until he can testify at the trial. But the criminal plans to ensure that he never reaches the courtroom....

* DVD Format: DVD 5
* Region 2
* Sound
o Dolby Stereo
* Photo Library
* Scene Selection
* Making Of Documentary


£5 for 2 episodes? cold

Original Poster


£5 for 2 episodes? cold

80mins and a documentary

Not worth £5 for just 2 episodes, Cool for me too.

Agreed, a bit lite in the espisode department.

DVDs are poor too - I had a few back in the early days of owning a DVD player. Pixelation wasn't uncommon. Shame as I enjoyed the series when it was on TV at the time.
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