Space Siege (PC) 85p delivered !!! @amazon

Space Siege (PC) 85p delivered !!! @amazon

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* Tactical Combat Action Outsmart your enemies by setting up ambushes, dodging attacks, ducking behind cover, and using any of the multiple special abilities available to you.
* Multiple Game play Paths Define your game experience with the decisions you make. Will you remain truly human in the face of insurmountable odds? Or will you enhance your abilities with cybernetic technology to even the score? Customise your character with multiple skills and special abilities that fit your style of play.
* Customisable Robotic Partner Upgrade HR-V, your robot companion, with armour, weapons and special equipment. Command HR-V to perform offensive and defensive tactical combat manoeuvres or combine your efforts and unleash special attack combos.
* Chilling Sci-Fi Story Follow a multi-chapter storyline and make key decisions that determine the best means to deal with the ferocious alien menace. Interact with dozens of characters with their own histories and personalities no more "generic NPCs".
* Online Multiplayer Up to 4 players can play cooperatively in a separate multiplayer campaign designed specifically for online play. Customize enemy difficulty and toughness to best fit your skill level.
* Futuristic Combat Technology Access high-tech weaponry and armour in addition to advanced cybernetic upgrades that will offer powerful abilities with both risks and benefits.


Great, thanks OP. Watch the flashy intros and play it for 10 mins and it's worth 85p. How bad can it be?

Looks like 85p's worth of fun to me. Ordered.

Ordered heat added. Mega hot! Brillant find

worth a go at this price - bad reviews seem to be from people expecting Dungeon Siege in space (yawn)

Great find this. Cannot go wrong at this price with super saver delivery. Ordered

Looks terrible; check out gameplay vids

no where near as good as dungeon siege, still its worth it for 85p

got to be hot at this price though it actually sounds painful to play.

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A few half decent scores on metacritic (overall mark of 60)…ege


That's my kinda' deal :-D

voted hot :thumbsup:


That's my kinda' deal :-D

voted hot :thumbsup:


Ordered 1.

Voted hot.

Thanks! Ordered.


Ordered. :thumbsup:
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