Spaceballs [Special Edition] DVD £2.35 with voucher + Free Delivery @ Zavvi

Spaceballs [Special Edition] DVD £2.35 with voucher + Free Delivery @ Zavvi

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Found 10th Dec 2009Made hot 10th Dec 2009
The farce is with you in this hilarious space oddity from comic genius Mel Brooks that'll send you into hyperspace with fits of laughter! Lampooning everything from Star Wars and Alien to Star Trek and Planet of the Apes, this uproarious salute to science fiction is a five-star comedy that scores eight trillion on the laugh-meter!
The fearless - and clueless - Lone Starr and his half man/half dog sidekick Barf race against time to free Princess Vespa from the evil clutches of Dark Helmet. Along the way, they confront gooey gangster Pizza the Hutt, sassy robot Dot Matrix and wise little imp Yogurt, who teaches them the mystical power of 'the Schwartz' in order to bring peace - and merchandising rights - to the entire galaxy!

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Dark Helmet will go down in movie history! The "comb" the desert seen always makes me grin!

I loved this film when I was a kid! I really want to see it again now - great find!:thumbsup:

"Chicken, Colonel Sanderz?"

Not quite up to Young Frankenstein but still classic Brooks.

Contender for greatest comedy ever made.

"That's amazing I have the same combination on my luggage"

my hubby made me watch this once its the most sillyest film ever, of course i didnt enjoy it... he still goes on about how fab it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

best film ever

Good find


Not sure why this is expired, still showing as in stock to me?

Use the schwartz!

Have to keep an eye out for Spaceballs - the flamethrower. The kids love that one.

Love the film, just ordered it and heat added, thanks.
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