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Posted 3 October 2022

Spam Chopped Pork & Ham 340g (Gluten Free) £2.50 @ Sainsbury's

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Chopped Pork and Ham

The Unique Blend of Prime Pork & Ham

Min 90% Meat

Fully Cooked Ready to Eat Hot or Cold!

Gluten Free

Sainsbury's More details at Sainsbury's

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    Special Processed American Meat (SPAM) if you get asked in a quiz
    Also one of Hawaii’s most popular dishes. The love for SPAM products goes back to World War II, when the luncheon meat was served to GIs in the pacific/ Hawaii. By the end of the war, SPAM products were adopted into local culture, with Fried SPAM Classic and rice becoming a popular meal.
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    Bloomin heck. £2.50 is considered a good price for a tin of Spam nowadays? Crazy times.
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    This got through my spam filter
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    Used to have spam fritters as school dinner's used to enjoy them back then.
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    Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam
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    The GF bit is interesting - I wonder how many that avoid the glutens will want this.
    Yeah I have alerts for gluten free and got a notif for this... cheers OP
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    Pork shoulder is about 3 pound a kilo.. why is this so expensive???
    Maybe it's the 11% which isn't pork that's really expensive?
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  9. Avatar
    Why is junk mail called spam?
    For the same reason that the Python programming language is called Python.
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    Prime Pork & Ham
  11. Avatar
    Wot; 15 minutes and no Python comments!
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    I was looking this everywhere. Found it in my inbox
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    Sorry, can't stand it but won't vote.
    Go on… vote Hot
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    Also £2.50 at Morrisons until 25 October 2022.
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    Can be found on Isle 4, and also within your junk mail
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    Things in the economy must be bad when Spam is getting heat on HUKD. Are we going have deals on Tripe soon?
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    Why is it labelled as 'pork and ham'? Is ham not pork?
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    Do people really eat this junk
    No, they just manufacture and promote it at great expense for no reason. (edited)
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    Disappointed by the lack of Monty Python gifs in this thread
  20. Avatar
    Nobody expects the Spamish Inquisistion
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    Goes with any meal. Very versatile.
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