Sparklehorse - Good Morning Spider CD £2.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ HMV

Sparklehorse - Good Morning Spider CD £2.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ HMV

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Found 6th Feb 2009
In between the release of 1995's Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot and this 1998 set, Sparklehorse mainman Mark Linkous almost died after curiosity compelled him to mix valium with antidepressants. A disposition to experimentation isn't always a good idea in life, but as far as making records goes, Linkous seems incapable of putting a foot wrong. Once again, this album oscillates between two poles. On one extreme, it's the clattering, melodic white noise that, on "Cruel Sun" and "Pig", recalls nothing so much as REM's classic Fables Of The Reconstruction. That'll do just fine--but the reason Sparklehorse are a band people get obsessive about rather than just love, is Virginia-raised Linkous's punch-drunk way with a fragile Southern ballad. "Come On In", "Maria's Little Elbows" and the concluding "Junebug" offer plenty of confirmation that no songwriter can make the abyss seem quite so homely.

Even more inventive than the brilliant VIVADIXIE..., GOOD MORNING SPIDER is the sound of a man who quite literally diedand lived to tell about it. Before recording the album, Sparklehorse singer/songwriter Mark Linkous flatlined for two minutes in a London hospital, an experience reflected in the lyrics of the lullaby-like "Saint Mary" where he sings, "Blanket me, sweet nurse, and keep me from burnin'. I must get back to the woods, dear girls. I must get back to the woods".
True to his word, Linkous returns with startling urgency, taking his quirky rural aesthetic to further extremes, asevidenced on the aggressive distortion-filled album opener,"Pig", and in the hushed sleepiness of "All Night Home". The head 'horse briefly ventures into poppier territory with the catchy chorus of "Sick of Goodbyes", but most songs are far stranger creatures like the lush "Painbirds" and the fuzzed-out "Ghost of His Smile", which employ an eclectic array of arrangements and instrumentation. It's rare that an albumof such wide scope can hold itself together, but with GOOD MORNING SPIDER, Linkous has triumphantly crafted a cohesive sound-collage of both fierce vitality and astonishing beauty
Track List
Saint Mary
Good morning spider
Sick of goodbyes
Box of stars (Part 1)
Chaos of the galaxy / Happy man
Hey Joe
Come on in
Maria's little elbows
Cruel sun
All night home
Ghost of his smile
Hundreds of sparrows
Box of stars (part 2)
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Brilliant album. Serious thanks for posting this. H+R.

Great album
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