Sparkling Perry (750ml) (5ish%) £1 @ Lidl
Sparkling Perry (750ml) (5ish%) £1 @ Lidl

Sparkling Perry (750ml) (5ish%) £1 @ Lidl

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Loads of bottles, not sure what it tastes like. It's some obscure brand. Think it's 5.5.%. Might be able to pass it off as extremely weak fake champagne.


heat for the pic

might be able to pass it off as expensive champagne, after someone is off their face - aim high

if i get the same result as the picture i will buy some of that heat from me to

It taste just like a standard pear cider, i think perry is the same.

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It's probably abit fizzy for a pear cider. Will find out tonight anyway.

Great price for what I think will taste the same as Babycham or Lambrini perhaps!
Fantastic Pic BTW
I'll add heat, as soon as it lets me!

ha - love the comments on it tasting like pear cider - Pear Cider IS perry - they just rebranded the stuff as "pear cider" because it sounds cooler and the word "perry" had gone out of fashion...!! It was just a marketing exercise to try and jump on the cider bandwagon...give it a few years, and pear cider will go out of fashion, and someone will rename it Perry again...dontcha just love it!!

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Just popped open one of the bottles. Tastes abit pear cidery but is slightly more acidic. It is Brut Chaumet Premium.

There's also a Brut bottle of Champagne on sale in there for £9,99 down from about £14. And some cava for about £4

Here's the cava - £3.50

heat added for your pic, first time I actually chuckled to myself today

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Ah sorry. Plus you don't need beer googles for that one.

To be honest though, the picture I used is a more likely outcome of using it.
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