Sparks 20% off M&S Energy (Southern Electricity)

Sparks 20% off M&S Energy (Southern Electricity)

Found 3rd Oct 2016
Sparks is offering 20% off the M&S Energy prices for 12 months.

M&S Energy is supplied by Southern, so if not already a customer easy to swap over, or if M&S Energy and not on a fixed rate a good deal to be had as unit prices are 20% cheaper.
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Link please.…te/ when doing comparison sparks rates appear, need to login to your sparks card to apply and get the 20% off for 1 year.
Not a particularly good rate though, 13% more than I'm currently paying.
If looking for a fixed rate probably better going with MSE.
There are cons - and there are M&S cons:

*This saving is a comparison against our M&S Energy Standard Energy tariff.

Meaning, of course, that the 20% is entirely fictional in real terms.
I don't understand , have recently signed up to M&S energy WITHOUT my Sparks card and went for the 12 months fixed rate energy plan which is showing as the same projection as through your link

So does signing up with your Sparks card give you an EXTRA 20% off the fixed rate prices shown through the link?

Otherwise what difference does signing up with a Sparks card make?

I need to find out soon as if cheaper then I may have time to change it
I get £30 cashback by signing up the way I did but if it saves me 20% on the 12 month fixed rate tariff rates I would change it!!
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