Sparky (Frankenweenie) 13" Plush toy, only £3 @ Disney Store  RRP of £14.

Sparky (Frankenweenie) 13" Plush toy, only £3 @ Disney Store RRP of £14.

Found 16th Jul 2013
Must have had at least 20 if not more out on the shelves in Merry Hill Shopping Centre....RRP of £14 a great buy for Frankenweenie fans (young or old!)

Confirmed nationwide by fellow HUKDers, thanks.

Reduced further from £4.19 to just £3 now.
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Not recommending anyone make a specific trip to their local in case this is not nationwide, but if anyone does notice any in their local Disney Store then let me know and I will update the thread to national.
Were there other characters too?
They are this price in the Cardiff store too, noticed them last Friday. As far as I remember this was the only character. Lots of half price cups and glasses, various themes.

Were there other characters too?

Sadly not, reverse of the sell off just after xmas...picked up all the other three plush characters then (Victor, Edgar, Persephone, Elsa) but then they still had the Sparky Plush at full price...but not in stock.

Now they just have Sparky in stock reduced and no other Frankenweenie merchandise whatsoever, plushes or otherwise.
I've seen them reduced to about this price too other week, can't remember if was in Metro Centre or Sunderland.

A few months back they were giving them away with the purchase of the film.
seems to be nationwide, had some in Bristol and Swindon. Also had some nemo characters reduced from £8/£9 to less than £4
Was that price in the trafford centre
Reduced to this price in the Brighton store too.
We have one that pulls apart (and you velcro him back together) that we got free with our Disney rewards.
Great price for this, heat added.
Same price at glasgow st enoch centre got one on saturday
They had some of these in Derby on Sat as well as some of the more obscure nemo characters.
Price dropped again, as I just paid £3 in the Disney store in Stratford City (they need to do the free parking again !)
Thanks, £3 at Merry Hill now. Lots left.

Thanks, £3 at Merry Hill now. Lots left.

Picked up another this evening at £3 from Merry Hill, still loads left, not all on shelf have been price marked down, but obviously scan at £3.
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