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Polk Magnifi Mini soundbar £214.40 delivered with 20% off Code @ Spatial
Posted 20th NovPosted 20th Nov
I have been looking for a soundbar to fit a very limited space on my desk and there are very few options on the market. The other main one is the Bose Solo 5 currently on offer bu… Read more

Hopefully better than a Polk in the eye.


They can't wait to get rid of them (lol)


For reference I only ordered 1 hour ago and have already received shipping notification and tracking number.

Sony XH9505 4K Full Array Ultra HD Android TV £1199 at spatial online with 5 year warranty
55° Expired
Posted 10th NovPosted 10th Nov
With class-leading picture quality, immersive sound and unparalleled smart technology, the Sony XH9505 4K Full Array Ultra HD Android TV is Sony’s must-have LED TV for 2020. CINEM… Read more
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Costo is playing up with prices, 9005 was 1629 yesterday but today they have gone up 1699. They dont have 9505 though.


Not getting at Spatial individually. Just think of the large companies that no longer exist. Cheers.


You just spin the legs around which brings them closer together


You mean like bring them closer together in the middle?


Yes they are you can face them inwards if that makes sense

Sony KD55XH9005BU 55" (2020) 4K TV with 5 year warranty (Backorder) £899 @ Spatial Online
Posted 9th NovPosted 9th Nov
Sony tv, ps5, xbox ready with hdmi 2.1. If you don't want gaming, go for the 9505, £100 more though. Credit goes to @Gurj1 The KD55XH9005 is part of the XH90 series of TVs fea… Read more
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Works fine for me, my last TV was a Sony X8505B so still quite an upgrade for me, I find it quite speedy with the android apps too (Kodi, perfect player, Spotify). Only problem I've ever encountered is the WiFi turning itself off and when I turn it on it turns off again, but restarting the TV in the settings put it back to normal. They're so advanced now they're like anything really, need a proper restart from time to time.


@Frogster8 hi a quick question. Could you please let me know if there's any lag or any speed issues with TV operating system? I have a 2017 Sony Android TV, and it's real painful waiting for something to happen when I press button on remote. Cheers


It was, they have now removed the gift card. May come back..


who and what is hughes? can you link? are you saying £899 with a further £100 off = £799???


Was a different retailer page I had open, multiple ones from HUKD all with same TV at the same price. Sorry about that. (highfive)

LG 55NANO866NA Nano86 55" (2020) 4K HDR TV £699 @ Spatial Online
Posted 4th NovPosted 4th Nov
Good for gaming 2.1hdmi and vrr, also 120hz. LG's revolutionary nano-engineering technology utilises an innovative filtering system that refines the projected image and delivers ex… Read more
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Cheapest I can find at the moment is Costco at £649 and RS will price match and take another £10 off making it £639.


Cool I'll keep an eye out for another discount (y)


Yes, the price has now gone back up on Richer Sounds, was cheaper when I posted.


679 is the price WITH the code for the 49" on richer sounds


From LG website Left is 49" version

SAMSUNG QE55Q60R 55" 4K QLED TV - £759 delivered using code at Spatialonline - 5 Year Warranty
263° Expired
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
SAMSUNG QE55Q60R 55" 4K QLED TV - £759 delivered using code at Spatialonline - 5 Year Warranty£759
QLED AT A GOOD PRICE (nerd) Quantum Processor 4K Mega Contrast Quantum Dot Colour Volume 100% Wide Viewing Angle Supreme UHD Dimming

Is a hot offer? Now waaaay.... Bottom of the range qled tvs, better to buy good led tv


This isn't a knock on this deal but that's terrible value for an edgelit TV with no special features. There are far better options offered by Sony for the same price or less.


£140 more gets you in to far superior OLED territory like the Philips 754. Otherwise I'm sure I saw a deal for one of lgs 9000 range this week which is fald and will Knock this out the park.


"Mega Contrast" lol For an edge lit TV, I don't think so...


The 60 does not have the wide viewing angle filter and it's edge lit, bottom of the range in the qled line up