Spears Pop and Drop penguin game, was £7 now £3, Tesco Direct

Spears Pop and Drop penguin game, was £7 now £3, Tesco Direct

Found 16th Jan 2016
Looks ok for my present cupboard! Less than half price. Stocking up whilst click and collect is still free!
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Wobbling Chef board game looks ok to me too, reduced from £6 to £3.50
Can't get link to Wobbling Chef game to work on my phone. Sorry!
This game is fab! My daughter loves playing it!
Thanks op
Fyi, only first link working; ) but i will search for the other games mentioned
Got this last year, was instore then aswell. They later dropped the price down to £1.50 a couple of weeks after. So may do same this year.

Thank you KellyC75 for making the wobbly chef link work. I had had a drink or 2 last night...

Here is link to snakes and ladders/ludo

looked via last link thanks
Fab have some heat!
Great thanks
Ordered thanks. Christmas shopping starting early again.
Ordered thank you :-) won't be getting so much from Tesco when they start charging for click & collect.
I paid £2.50 for this before Christmas was marked up at that price then after Christmas have gone up
Is this basically "frustration" with penguins?
Thanks, this will be lovely to add to my additional needs box at school, the balancing chef is also on order.
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