Special K 500g boxes only £1 @ Asda

Special K 500g boxes only £1 @ Asda

Found 24th Jan 2009Made hot 25th Jan 2009
In asda today I seen the 500g boxes of special k for £1 big display on the end of cereal shelf nearly enpty but still lots on main shelf my OH loves this cerial she thinks she will lose a dress size but its normaly £2.79 a box dont know if offer is online could somebody confirm (edit thanks to pete for confirming this is instore only.

P.S the boxes we got did not have the personel trainer promoction show in the picture

If anybody can find better please let us know.


Not online at this price, that I can see.

Saw this instore too but unfortunately its not availible online, bran flakes are £1 online though.

Also frosted shreddies and choc shreddies for £1:)

Never have it in at Chadderton Asda - nor the £1 chicken fillets

Special K has no taste

This isn't expired i got some this morning:/

Can any old person expire a deal or is it the mods?
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