Special K Breakfast Cereal 2 for £2.50   1 for £2.55

Special K Breakfast Cereal 2 for £2.50 1 for £2.55

Found 14th Jan 2008
As a lot of people are on diets at this time every year thought you might like this one.

In my local Tesco store today Special K was £2.55 for 1 or £2.50 for 2.

I dont know if this deal is available online.

UPDATE - all kelloggs cereals
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morrisons are 1.25 a box.
Works out the same then !
um yeah but just letting it be known

morrisons are 1.25 a box.

Sometimes it is more economical to buy just one box. Many times I have BOGOFF'ed and got fed up with the product by the time I have finished the first item.
Surely better to support the originator of the 'good' deal, in this case Morrisons, if possible. In this way the consumer can encourage departures from the cartel.
i'm voting this hot because apparently ther are£1.95 worth of coupons inside so they will pay you to eat them
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