Special K Cracker Crisps 99p at Tesco

Special K Cracker Crisps 99p at Tesco

Found 25th Jan 2013
New Crisp Crackers by Kellogs Special K Range, on Offer at Tesco for £1, only 94 calories per portion.

Sweet Chilli, Salt and Balsmic Vinegar and Sour Cream and onion Flavours.

99p until 29/1/3 then will revert back to £1.99

I bought the Sweet Chilli today so will have a nibble later.
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They are vile!
I quite like them, but have been this price for quite a while .... so am guessing not overly popular
They are so nice! Never mind a 94 calorie portion - I could eat the whole box!
Well tried them last night, a bit dry like crisp bread and yummy with a peppery kick.
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