Special offer at Loch Fyne resturants
Special offer at Loch Fyne resturants

Special offer at Loch Fyne resturants

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found this on their website. tried their resturant a few weeks ago and they were delicious.


Not seen the set menu, and its only at selected participating stores.



Used this deal at the weekend. The Thai mussels to start were fantastic.

Voted hot, I'll have to pop down to the one in Twickenham.

They've done the wine and dine deal the last couple of years tis great!


This is wicked as I have a Loch Fyne in Bluewater. The OP says its at 'selected participating stores' whilst the voucher says 'at any of our restaurants'.

i saw this last year but never went - might make an effort to go this time.

It's a set menu that changes daily isn't it?

We found the one in twickenham by accident a couple of years back, it was brilliant!.

Then more recently we saw the offer on their website and thought great deal!.

Took the voucher there, and the set menu was full of foods you wouldn't have ordered anyway.

So there we sat with our vouchers, feeling cheated, our original opinion of the place in tatters. Being given more vouchers as we left, no intention of using them either.

We have not gone back since.

yeah well i was gonna go one time last year but it was mackerel and other kinds of fish i don't really like so i wasn't really interested then but if it changes then i might go this year.

I take it there is a set menu for £11 at the moment and the offer is just for the glass of wine to accompany it?

Its on all the time anyway even without a voucher before a certain time (well is in Leeds) - great value if you fancy one of the dishes - selection is a bit limited but all nice. Lets face it you must like fish to eat there anyway and the special menu has fish on it . . .

I pop in and ask for both menu's and then decide.

Me and my wife used this last year, turned up, gave in teh vouchers, they brought us the wine over and gave us our limited menu, we then said we didnt fancy anything on that menu and asked could we just have the normal menu, they let us have th wine for free as we said the limited menu was gash. Ended up spending about £18 each of course. But I love loch fyne restaurants anyways, voucher or no voucher, just wish they wouldnt charge for vegetables, I mean come on, if you order a meal surley it has a choice of veg / potato yes, no need to charge us £3 or whatever it is for soem veggie... I still go back though, but thats becuase there is no decent fish restaurant for a gazillion mile of the loch fyne

Had fish and chips there a few months ago. [SIZE="5"]Terrible![/SIZE] Both the fish and the chips oozed oil when touched with a fork.
Did not eat it.
No alternative offered.
No credit on the bill.
No visit again!!

Had fish & chips there last year with a D Telegraph offer. The tightwads doled out the smallest piece of fish you ever did see. I'm sure it was a normal piece cut in half so that they didn't lose money on the deal. I would have said something but was with friends and didn't want to embarrass them. Went back on another occasion and paid full whack and got a decent sized portion, so beware and be ready to give 'em stick.:x

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well going there on sunday so will let you know what i think : ) hope those who do enjoy seafood regardless - like me - will enjoy it

- was there yesterday and really enjoyed the meal - the wine that was complimentary was very nice, the meals were perfectly cooked and delicious. It may not be something I normally order if I was given the full menu, I saw it as a chance to try something I don't normally order but turned out to be great, you get side order for the main meal too, which I was surprised at. so I would definitely recommend it to any seafood lover
PS - the meals were proper size, well I would dread to think what it was before they cut it down then!!
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