Special valentine Offer - £29.90 @ iflorist
Special valentine Offer - £29.90 @ iflorist

Special valentine Offer - £29.90 @ iflorist

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Dozen Roses, Bubbly and Bear
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Price: £29.90 (GBP)
CODE: BQV-1001

A dozen beautiful red roses and foliage, complete with a cute and cuddly teddy bear. Also included is a 20cl bottle of tasty bubbly... delicious! The perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day 2007.

Usual price £58.80, now just £29.90 - SAVE over £28!

Limited stock - please take advantage of this special offer by ordering now for Valentine's Day delivery to avoid disappointment!
hope this helps all you romantics out there


Just noticed you used the Valentine Thanks!! Those flowers look gorge!

20ml Bottle of bubbly - that would upset me!! Does not seem such a good deal for that price

I just order this this morning, fantastic price!

It's a 20cl bottle of bubbly (200ml to us in the UK ;-))!

Original Poster

i brought my misses 12 roses last year and ordered them 3 weeks before valentine day and cost me £45 and on the week leeding up to valentines day they went up to £65. what a con

OOOooops sorry. I thought it was 20ml champagne. How does 200ml compare with 70cl (standard bottle wine)

ordered these. I ordered last year from valuflora and was very, very disapointed with them, so much so i went out and bought a decent bouquet.

I hope these are better

How does 200ml compare with 70cl

200ml is 20cl, so it is a very small bottle, maybe a glass and a half, but it is the thought that counts and the cuteness factor me thinks!!


This is a really nice deal srwilks :thumbsup: The flowers look great especially with the added foliage


Theres delivery to be added to that price. Nice price though. Delivery is either £4.90 or £5.90.


Has anyone used these before? Any feedback

sounds good to me, that should get me in the missus's good books.

Did anyone get their flowers from iflorist today?

I ordered them on the 22nd of January and they couldn't get them to my girlfriend who works in the centre of Aberdeen for today!

Most disappointed :x

used them today -arrived early afternoon - and flowers were superb.

I chose one of the florist delivered ones - was absolutely great

I'm even more gutted now!

Have to say i'm very impressed with these guys!

Ordered the flowers, bear and bubbly package - wife came home with a huge box as they'd supplied the full whack with flowers, bear, bubbly, chocolates and balloon.


Never got mine either, offered to send the following day! As if!!!

I didn't either - I spoke to them last night and they are redelivering with a free upgrade. Logged in this morning to check the progress and my account has been deleted. I'm worried now :cry:

Girlfriend got mine, as said, lovely bunch of flowers - bear and champagne a lovely touch as well.

Thank You to the OP!

How much did you guys pay for flowers, champers and bears?

I paid 29.90 but i noticed they had it for 19.90 on their website yesterday so i've got no idea when they reduced their price further.

£29.90 + postage. I queried the price drop, they said it was left over valentines stock that obviously couldnt be delivered that day.

Mine arrived yesterday in a massive box. The roses weren't the best to be honest - very small and look a bit worse for wear.

Was impressed with the bubbly being 11.5% - was expecting some rubbish 4% stuff.

Not too bad for £30 but if I paid usual price of £60 i would have been disappointed.

Still no sign of mine plus their e-chat customer services has crashed! Wonder why?

Wonder if its because i'm up in Aberdeen? I'm sure they would get flowers to the north pole quicker than they can get them up here.

If you think Aberdeen is bad to be delivered to then try Orkney!!! I ordered these in Jan and at the time asked if they were going to be sent via courier as this wouldn't be acceptable as couriers ALWAYS take a week to reach up here. They assured me they use a local florist....

No sign of them on 14th...
Contacted them on 15th, how'd my order been sent? Courier. I was rather annoyed not least take the flowers hadn't arrived on time but I'd been lied too when ordering them. They arrive today (20th) half dead.
They said on 15th they'd send a upgrade replacement by Royal Mail.
Just contacted them today and it's due to arrive on 22nd VIA COURIER!!! ARRRRGHHHH! Lord help them if it doesn't! :x

Unless you live next door to their depot don't buy from these people.
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