Special Wine Deals @ Tesco

Special Wine Deals @ Tesco

Found 16th Apr 2009
This is my first post so be nice.
Any 3 for £10.00
The items below are only available for deliveries on or before 17 May 2009. To take advantage of this offer, add 3 items (or multiples of 3) to your basket.

Just been to my local tesco and bought 6 bottles of wine for £17. This is suppose to be £10 per bottle or 3 for £10 but when you buy 6 you get them for £17.

All other deals but this one sticks out for me


Which wines are included?


Which wines are included?

more info here: hotukdeals.com/ite…145

Got some wine from Tesco on Tuesday... could only buy the same colour and not mix and match... wouldn't bother going back again... Rather stick to ASDA. Not voted on this one, good price but STOOPID rules x

Nah, got the 3 for £10 wine last week from Tesco and you can mix and match as you please. Lots of good deals.


good find OP http://www.shipmentoffail.com/smileys/aa6b7ad9d68bf3443c35d23de844463b.gif

Just got 3 bottles of 'wairav cove' white wine 9.99 each but all 3 for a tenna .. cant beat that !!!:thumbsup:
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