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Specialized Align II MIPS Helmet (Gloss Sand) - £30 @ Rutland Cycling

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Mips helmet at what seems like a good price. Better safety than old style. All sizes in stock in gloss sand for this price.

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The Specialized Align II has a clean aesthetic and comfortable fit but doesn't break the bank either.

The standout feature of the new Specialized Align II all-purpose helmet is the inclusion MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System). MIPS is a brain protection system that reduces the effect of rotational forces by redistributing the damaging rotational energy created during a crash. This, in turn, helps to lessen the effects of the impact on your head and neck.

Add to this the Headset SX dial fit system for easy fit adjustment, Specialized's 4th dimension cooling system for incredible ventilation, and an easy one-size fit system and you get a feature-rich, great-value helmet.

  • MIPS protection system
  • Headset SX dial fit system
  • 4th dimension cooling system

Rutland Cycling More details at Rutland Cycling
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    Good helmet but the MIPS cage is stuck inside the helmet, too much friction. I think it was not implemented well.
    I wore this for a year and it was fine, but I've just replaced it with Giro Mens Fixture (£43) and it feels noticeably better.

    It's something we don't talk about enough on this website: why are some products noticeably cheaper than their equivalents when they keep coming up for sale a lot? I think this is a mediocre helmet at best that manages to be the cheapest MIPS going.

    (Just reread Rodhull's comment on the Fixture above; my mileage is I'm happier with the Fixture but maybe only because I spent a bit more on it! Maybe there's not that much between them but having just checked, in my opinion, the inside of Fixture is more airy, comfortable and definitely lighter. I'm gonna add a picture of the inside of them each side by side and leave people to draw their own conclusions; Fixture is on left)49396792-P50NP.jpg (edited)
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    Ordered one a few months ago and sent back.
    Felt and looked massive, perched on the top of my head. Lol
    Just sent the Giro Fixture MIPS helmet back for the same reason. It wasn't particularly comfortable and looked huge.

    I think I'll have to get one from a store instead - at least then I can try it on.
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    Great price for a MIPS helmet.
    While the jury is still out on how much Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) actually makes in the event of an accident, at this price it would seem silly not to take advantage of any possible safety improvement and potential brain protection . I've had one of these for a few months and I've found it a decent and comfortable helmet.
    MIPS helmet safety
    When I got knocked off my bike with my MIPS helmet, everything ached for a while expect my neck. Huge dent in the helmet too, so it took quite a whack. Obvs anecdotal, but I'm all for them now!
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    Good Lord. 140th place of a 184 helmets for the Giro Fixture MIPS. Anxiety inducing ..
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    I own one of these and a Giro Isotope.

    This has less vents but is very comfortable. You forget it's on the head and has MIPS which is a great feature for such a low price. I would not hesitate to recommend this helmet.
    Less vents = less insects going through in the summer, my giro one is fresh but I do get bees and flies very often
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    Good deal. The coral pink is the same price too
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    I have this helmet. Its not the best looking or sleekest. But for the money, I think it's good.
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    Just to be aware if you want to return/exchange you'll have to purchase the item again (pay for shipping) and also pay £3:50 to return it to them. The helmet is very narrow so just using circumference to measure for size may not give you the right sizing.