Specialized Hardrock Sport 2007 (with Hydraulic Disc Brakes) £329.99

Specialized Hardrock Sport 2007 (with Hydraulic Disc Brakes) £329.99

Found 29th Jul 2007
Ok, enough benefitting from other members excellent deals. Time to submit one of my own...

Looking for a reasonably priced new mountain bike from a well respected brand? This seems to me to be the best offer on the internet at the moment. Hope you agree.

Happy Riding!

Specialized Hardrock Sport 2007 (with Hydraulic Disc Brakes)

£329.99 + Free Delivery!
(Reduced from £429.99)

From the manufacturers of the worlds first production mountain bike comes the hydraulic disc version of our best selling mountain bike of all time - the Specialized Hardrock Sport HYD Disc.

The HYD Disc features a robust aluminium frame ideal for challenging off-road riding. The 100mm of travel on the RST front suspension smoothes out any bumps you may encounter on the trails, while its preload feature allows you to adjust the fork to suit your needs.

Powerful braking is provided by front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, offering superior performance to traditional v-brakes. Disc brakes are ideal for wet and muddy conditions, and also require less maintenance than v-brakes.

FREE DELIVERY on this bike
(we can even deliver to your workplace or an alternative address)


Frame: A1 Premium Aluminum, disc only, double butted ORE DT, externally relieved head tube, reinforced disc mount, forged dropouts w/ replaceable 98954020 hanger
Forks: RST Gilla Plus T7, 100mm, Cro-Mo steerer, 30mm stanchions, coil MCU w/ preload adjust
Gear shifters:Shimano Alivio M-410 SL Rapid Fire
Front mech: Shimano Acera M-330
Rear mech: Shimano Acera
Crankset: Truvativ ISO Flow 3.0 for Power Spline, replaceable rings
Cassette: Shimano MFHG-40, 8-speed, 11-32t
Rims: Specialized/Alex HRD 26, double wall disc
Hubs F: Specialized Hi Lo disc, 36h, CNC flange and disc mount, QR. R:Shimano M-475 Disc, cassette, 36h
Tyres: Specialized Resolution, 26x2.1", 30TPI, wire bead
Saddle: Specialized Body Geometry, ATB
Seat post: Alloy micro adjust
Stem: Specialized 3D forged alloy, two bolt, 25.4mm, 10 degree rise
Handlebar: Alloy 25.4mm, 38mm rise, 620mm wide, 8 degree back, 6 degree up sweep, 3.2mm thick
Grips: Specialized Enduro, dual density Kraton
Brakes: Hayes Sole hydraulic w/ 6" v-cut rotors

Hardrock Sizing Chart:
13" frame 5ft - 5ft2
15" frame 5ft2 - 5ft6
17" frame 5ft6 - 5ft10
19" frame 5ft10 - 6ft1
21" frame 6ft1 - 6ft5
23" frame 6ft4 - 6ft6
* Please note that this sizing chart is a rough guide and
specific to this bike only. Please do not use it
for other models.
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I have a rock hopper disc, great bicycles

Looks like a great price. I used one once 3 years ago (rented) for riding in the Italian Dolomites and it was a great bike, so voted hot!
5% quidco too.

a lot of the 2007 models will start to be sold off over the next few months. Best to keep a look out for any deals like this...
Not 5% at dales, only at Evans, and the Evans deal still works out more expensive than the Dales one.

I actually just bought this deal on thursday lol, waiting on delivery.
My mate bought the Silver one for £400 not that long ago, so he was happy that its £330 now.
I used to have a Rockhopper years ago, and my bikes take a hammering but that bike handled it all easy. This bike will no doubt follow it on well.

If you order the bike make sure you get the Hydraulic disc one, as the Cable and Hydraulic versions are the same price.
Hydraulics always better.

The brakes felt a bit spongy, but he's not bedded in the discs yet so i'l see how good they are. I have an old front Hope XC pro so can swap that over anyway.
The RST forks felt quite decent too, never been a fan of them but the whole set-up felt quite good.

Also, with it you get lifetime Frame warranty, and 1yr parts warranty.
I think any brakes will beat my old V block brakes on a dented wheel..........
Bit of a random question but here goes!

Anyone know roughly how much it's costs to take a bike on a long haul flight? I may be working abroad soon and a bike would be useful to me!


good price. voted hot
fox unless it's a long stay not really worth it.

plenty of travelling forums etc out there will tell you, I expect it's in the 3figures though.
It'll be a year plus, never done this type of thing before, know any good forums?
gumtree possibly?
lots of others im sure.

where you going?
Cayman Brac (hopefully), so I don't really want to shell out for a car when a bike will do, just won't be able to get a decent one once I'm out there! I'll have a look at gumtree, see what I can find.


£15 with stellios if they fly to where you wanna go.

Also would want decent insurance to protect against damage

And you'd need to spend at least 1h wrapping it in bubble wrap + duck tape and probablybits of cardboard.
Could be worth a pop!
Erm if you can tell us what Airline you will be travelling with, then it should be easy enough to work out.
Or even what country, and we can maybe figure out the most likely carrier/costs.

I went to Canada about 6/7 years ago and it was a very small fee if any, and only requirement was it was in a decent box.

This site may help a bit

HEATED cos i like the look of this bike. Canneet buy one tho!!!
Bought this bike last year, nice and solid, but weighs a ton. The equvilent Trek offerings are more fun IMO.

All the bike shops will soon be knocking £50-£100 off the retail price of this years models, a good time to shop around.
I'd be going to Cayman Brac (Caribbean) most probably via BA, I've had a look on their website and it looks like it may be free (I really doubt this though!).
Voted HOT!

Extremely good price for the Hydraulic Disc version.

I've just upgraded from a 2004 Hardrock cable disk model, a very good bike that has served our family well. At this price point I don't think you'll find a better specced bike (also I wouldn't say it's heavy for a front suspension bike - I can heft it over 6 bar gates on the local tracks no problem - although I am over 6ft but am getting old and slightly decrepit :-D )

I was looking at a Giant xtc 4.5 for about £400. Is the Specialized a better bike?
Termite, this bike ?


If yes, i would definitely say get the Specialized.

The drivetrain on the Giant is a bit higher spec, but not that good for the extra money, and the rest aint that great.
And i dont know much about the Giant Hyd Discs, but my mate says the Hayes ones on the Hardrock are great, so thats enough for me as both of us are used to Hope Discs which are top of the range, so must be decent.
My Dads got Giant MPH brakes (their own make) on his 05 XTC,they aint great,very temperamental.Giant only fit them on the lower range bikes.My daughter has a 07 Hardrock Sport,Not the lightest hardtail out there but the most robust bike Ive seen in this price range.Rides really well,fork is very impressive for an entry level bike.Would recommend it for sure.:thumbsup:
I'm off to the Alps in 3 weeks with my bike and BA will take it free of charge so long as its suitably packed
Thats the one Haggis, Thanks for the advice.
Can i ask everyone who bought this, what colour did u get? cant decide!!! :thinking:

bigger pics here > specialized.com/bc/…085
Saw this bike outside the gym earlier, in blue, looked really nice.
Components are fair and the brakes felt lovely (used to cable pull v brakes!).

Frame looks bombproof and this is reflected in the reviews here:

Im personally tempted by the silver one but will research some other bikes first.

The only downside for me is the weight, at 15kg its the same as my current 8 year old hybrid. That and the shocks, they are rated at 100mm travel but many of the personal reviews in that link state they aren't too great for actual offroad use.
I got the blue one, looks nicer.

My mate had the silver one anyway so i couldnt get that or we'd be mad twins lol
Instead people will think you're a cycling couple?

Eek lol

Best thing about Specialized are the frames are brilliant.
They take anything you throw at them.
From what i saw of my mates, most the weight is in the components, wheels felt heavy i thought so il see that myself.

Mine comes tomorow (wednesday, i'm just posting late lol)

I got 04 Marzocchi Z4's lying about so i'm sorted if i dont like the forks as those were quite good (just in need of a slight service lol)
Maybe the wheels too if i feel fussy since i got an old decent pair kicking about on a knackered bike.
I'l only bother if i get really serious into biking again though, cant be bothered upgrading etc all the time like i did with the last bike. Could have saved for a car, what i spent on that lol.
Can someone give a description in layman's language?!!

I'm after a decent bike that I can ride to and from work (almost all paved) and then something I can take cross country on the weekends and/or evenings - trying to get my fitness up for the season, better late than never! :whistling:

Would this be a decent bike for all that? Or are there more suitable ones?
elglyndo it sounds like you want a hybrid, although you could just take this bike and put hybrid tyres on it.
Cheers schizoboy but even that has confused me! The last time I properly rode was about 10 years ago so I'm a bit rusty on the options you could say!

I don't really wanna splash over £300 on a bike and then spend more altering it if you know what I mean.
AIUI and what I have seen, hybrid = semi slick thread in the middle of the tyre for roads/pavements etc and mountain bike tread on the outside bit for grip on turning etc, ultimately proper mountain bike tyres will be superior off road but this gives you the option to do both

example, i think:
Yea the tires that come with this are quite hefty, and more suited to off-road.

Buy this bike, and get some semi-slick tyres for it which will do for on/off-road.

If you werent bothering with off-road then tbh i wouldnt even bother with this bike.
Since you want both, get this and an extra tenner will get a new set of tyres.

Could phone Dales and see if they will do it before they ship it to you perhaps ?

Can someone give a description in layman's language?!!I'm after a decent … Can someone give a description in layman's language?!!I'm after a decent bike that I can ride to and from work (almost all paved) and then something I can take cross country on the weekends and/or evenings - trying to get my fitness up for the season, better late than never! :whistling: Would this be a decent bike for all that? Or are there more suitable ones?

This bike will be ideal for your weekend cross country outings but not ideal for commuting though with the correct tyres will be fine, Im a little worried for you that it will be a magnet for bike thieves if left locked up in view all day, D locks only stop kids or opportunists that's why most people commute on cheap bikes, I have had three bikes stolen in the past all secured with quality insurance approved locks,
yep specialized are very famous for getting stolen. i had a rockhopper had so many dirty looks by these guys but got rid of it in the end as i didnt ride it as much.
Lock it up somewhere with CCTV.

Quick-Release wheels, so take the front wheel with you when you lock it up.
Someone wheeling away a one-wheeled bike in a CCTV area isnt going to go un-detected.

Dont use a D-Lock, use one of the others.
(had a Specialized Ropey type lock myself, was great).
One of my bikes was stolen in full veiw of a CCTV camera the theif didnt even bother covering his face! the police where not intrested.
First post so go easy...

Just thought you might like to know that Edinburgh Bicycle are selling this bike for slightly less at £319.95 including standard delivery.

However, it seems to be limited to 13'' and 15'' in Silver.

Yea they will be getting rid of the stock, since only kids will be able to ride them lol.

You need to do the lot together though.

Especially the wheel thing, since then its more hassle for them to go steal a wheel off someone.
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