Specially Selected 4 Whole Quails were £4.99 now £2.99 @ ALDI

Specially Selected 4 Whole Quails were £4.99 now £2.99 @ ALDI

Found 4th Jan 2014
ALDI have reduced their 4 pack of Quails, now £2.99 per pack.
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seen these but what does quail taste like? inb4 chicken

seen these but what does quail taste like? inb4 chicken

Edited by: "RossD89" 13th Jan 2014
Are these fresh or frozen?
Frozen, not the biggest fan of quail. Not much meat on them!
Curious as well so I googled :-

Quail has a somewhat more assertive flavor than chicken, but I would say not nearly as strongly flavored as duck. I'd expect that you would like the flavor, unless you are put off by any meat that is not fairly bland. Because it's more strongly flavored than chicken, though, it can stand up well with stronger herbs and spices, a big plus if you like variety in your cooking.

If you've ever had duck and liked it, don't worry about liking quail, you definately will. If duck's too strongly flavored for you, quail may stilll be just right.

I've found that quail goes well with sides like wild rice and mushrooms, or other somewhat strongly flavorful sides ... similar to what you might serve with duck. Like duck, quail can stand up to a good red wine, though you'd probably want a lighter bodied red for quail. I'd call that an advantage over chicken, though, being able to go with a red or a white, depending on how you're cooking it!

Nice looking recipe for slow cooking on here Your text here
If you like meat you will like these.

Thanks for the heads up i will go and try and get some later
WE had some of these at xmas and they weren't very good. hardly any meat of them as the birds are so small.
The meat taste like a strong chicken a bit richer but its not over powering. The problem is there is about 1 good mouthful on the breast the rest involves scraping small bits of the bone.

Aldis partridge or pheasant with apple stuffing on the other hand was really good
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