Specially selected pasta £1.49 @ ALDI

Specially selected pasta £1.49 @ ALDI

LocalFound 23rd Sep 2017
Aldi's specially selected range of pastas reduced from £1.89 to £1.49. Not a big reduction but these are really nice and much cheaper compared to those in other supermarkets.The range includes:

  • Porcini mushroom and truffle triangoli
  • Sundried tomato and buffalo milk mozzarella mezzelune
  • Goats cheese and sundried tomato ravioli

I think the other one is ricotta and spinach.

Showing as £1.49 online also.

National deal.
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thanks Op

will give these a try and see how they compare to the stores!
I've found myself often unimpressed by Aldi's 'Specially Selected' Range. More often than not it seems they just bung any old crap into black packaging and add a mark-up. Their 'Specially Selected' cheese range is one of the products that springs to mind.
These are nice enough, but I've only ever bought them from fultons for a quid or less. Not sure id pay £1.50 for them
Nicer than the Giovanni Rana (which are ok).
Wild porcini is an interesting one, but my favourite is the buffalo milk mozzarella, which I have every couple of weeks.
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