Species 1/2/3/4: 4dvd: Box Set @ HMV only £9.99 delivered!
Species 1/2/3/4: 4dvd: Box Set @ HMV only £9.99 delivered!

Species 1/2/3/4: 4dvd: Box Set @ HMV only £9.99 delivered!

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A collection of the first four features in the erotic science fiction franchise SPECIES.
In SPECIES, a genetically engineered, shape-shifting creature with extraterrestrial intelligence adopts the form of a beautiful woman to mate with humans and unleash a brood of offspring that will destroy mankind. A team of experts must band together to stop it from accomplishing its diabolical mission.
In SPECIES 2, an astronaut on a mission to Mars is affected by alien DNA. Back on earth he begins to mutate and becomes a being anxious to mate with female humans. Scientists on the case attempt to lure the half-human half-alien with a alien clone, but she manages to escape. Now they are both at large.
In SPECIES 3, a deviously seductive alien hybrid heads to earth in order to repopulate it by reproducing as much as possible! Her incredible sex drive allows her to carry out the taxing mission, but a huge human military presence is gathering, aiming to put her and her cohorts out of action for good.
In SPECIES 4 - THE AWAKENING, Professor Miranda Hollander's career is in jeopardy at her college after a mystery blackout leaves her a suspect in a horrible murder. Worse yet, she discovers from her uncle that she is a half-human, half-alien clone! Seeking answers in Mexico, the two begin a battle against hybrids like Miranda herself.

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natasha henstridge= hot, £9.99 to see her noughts a few times a bit pricey, heyy who am i kidding, hot hot naughty bits
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