Specsavers Biggest Ever Free Offer

Specsavers Biggest Ever Free Offer

Found 9th Oct 2010
Ok so just a heads up Specsavers are launching a brand new promotion tomorrow, where they will be offering ONE of the following if you purchase a pair of specs including and above the £69 price range (saw the offers briefly as they were changing the POS in the local store):

a. 2For1 Offer from £69 range and above (effectively buy one get one free, inc Designer glasses)

b. Free Standard Varifocals (£49) If you choose a better lens they will take of £49 off the total price

c. Free Antireflection and Sratch Resistant Treatment on One Pair of glasses £69 and above. Saving £30

d. Free 2 Months Supply Of Daily Contact Lenses as long as you purchase glasses from £69 range and above (subject to valid sight test and contact lens check up & the lens your wearing lies in the specific range offered) Effectively 60 pairs of disposables worth £50-£44 depending on the range you wear.. (Does not include Multifocal, Coloured or Toric Lenses)

e. Free Sunglass Treatment (Free Tint + UV Filter worth £24)

f. Free Reaction Lenses Worth £49

More Info Instore so head down to your local specsavers

Not too fussed if this is voted cold, even if it helps a few people save something its worth it...


'Biggest Ever' free offer, and still miles behind the online retailers. Cold from me.

all existing offers...nothing new

Not sure about c & d but the first two are the same offer they had on last week and the leaflet I took said its available till december so probably no change apart from the colour of the poster in the window.......

I'm getting out of here - just got rapidfreeze frostbite!!

Original Poster

actually i'll think youll find the first two offers are the same however the other two are completely new... and as for the first comment i dont think youll find any online company who will give away 2 months supply of lenses for free.. Considdering they dont even charge for there contact lens fittings aswel..

As for the glasses online which i have purchased before were crap.. because no matter how many instructions they give you online in taking measurements etc, nothing is like walking into an opticians to have your measurments and proffessional advice given to you from someone in the field who knows what their talking about.

Now i know Specsavers isnt everyones cup of tea but let be honest when it comes to value for money and price war in glasses, they clearly tick most of the boxes in my opinion..

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Awful quality from Specsavers. My last pair had to be re-done 3 times and it's still not right.

useful info, thanks OP, due a eye test tomorrow
60 sets of contact lens seems a good deal

The best deal that Specsavers have is that they sell some half decent glasses for £25, including lenses (and fitting) which you can buy in store straight away instead of waiting for some dodgy specs from Hong Kong.

£25 glasses
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Hah !!!!
Specsavers told my girlfriend she needed this,that and the other,releived her of a considerable sum of cash and as a consequence lost me as a potential customer when we found out she only needed a cheap pair of readers.Bunch of crooks !!!!

My second pair that cost me +£200 crashed 2 times without me ever wearing them. Rubbish quality. Cold for me.

spec savers are rubbish, i got 2 pairs from their BOGOF offer last year, cant wear them as they give me a headache. paid £200 for one pair at D & A and they are great, you definitely get what you pay for.

I've had nothing but good, reliable service from Specsavers - Been using them for years.
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