Speed / Speed 2 - DVD - 2.97 + Delivery

Speed / Speed 2 - DVD - 2.97 + Delivery

Found 1st Jul 2007
A double feature: 'Speed' in which a city is held to ransom by an explosives expert. His latest victims are a group of people on a city bus. Only a LAPD SWAT cop and a female civilian can save the passengers now... and in 'Speed 2 - Cruise Control' a woman expecting to enjoy a Caribbean cruise finds herself fighting for her life when a terrorist tries to take over the ship...


No idea why this was at -2, it's a great price for a double of those 2 films - not particularly a fan of it myself, but I usually watched it when it was on TV.

Voted hot :thumbsup:


2 entertaining films (the first in particular) for £3? Perfect for those who don't demand the 2 DVD versions of everything.
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