Speedo Equipment Mesh Bag - Navy - £1.99 (Prime) £5.98 (Non Prime) @ Amazon

Speedo Equipment Mesh Bag - Navy - £1.99 (Prime) £5.98 (Non Prime) @ Amazon

Found 9th Aug 2017
Back again

This was on here recently and I bought one. Having now got one I've been keeping an eye for another as the quality is really good and for £1.99 if you have prime, you can't go wrong. I use it just for popping to the shops, can fit it in your pocket then fill it up and put it on your back.

Credit must go to original poster but that had expired as the price went up.


Thanks, ordered

Ordered, thanks :-)

Nice one OP. 2 for holidays and one for Granddaughter for school.
And look at this I don't recall having any credit or anything on my account

I went back to try again and it only lets you order 2 now. Wonder if they'll change my order to 2?
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thanks op - ordered!

ordered a couple. Thanks.
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Expired - minimum now £7.94 from marketplace.

They went fast!
I got 2 last time, they are bigger than you expect, ones full of buckets, spades and sand toys for the beach and when I find the snorkel kits they will fill the other. tbh I could use a couple more.

Price gone up

back at £1.99

Now it's gone to back order from other sellers, still at £1.99

Gone again.

Back in stock. Max 5 per customer.

Speculator2 h, 18 m ago

Back in stock. Max 5 per customer.

Yeah I just got the 3 camels mail and grabbed another 2.

Back again at £1.99

Also at wiggle for £1.99 in red, black or navy

Heat added, 3 purchased; thanks.

Ordered 3 also. Thanks

Gone Back up again

Mine arrived today. Very good, thanks op.

Nope £8

Original Poster

Back again

heedrick1 m ago

Back again

Thanks. Ordered.

Expired now..

Original Poster

inertia12th Aug

Expired now..

Back again

Mine arrived, really good size, approx 2' long!
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