SpeedUpMyPC 2010 for free
SpeedUpMyPC 2010 for free
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SpeedUpMyPC 2010 for free

my first time so be nice to me please
this is only for the easter period so be quick
i have loaded this myself and regged it (full 12 month)and all working great
i would love a comment on this to see if i have done things correctly please

Product WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2010
Last Updated 2nd April 2010
Downloads 248
Manufacturer Uniblue
Twitter twitter.com/Uni…lue
Category Free Full Software
Platform Windows 7 (32 bit)
Windows 7 (64 bit)
Windows Vista (32 bit)
Windows Vista (64 bit)
Windows XP
Languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian and Japanese

Important - Distribution

Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2010 is licensed from Uniblue Systems Limited as part of this promotion and is strictly prohibited from general distribution. This software is available to V3.co.uk Software Store members. Store membership is free. If you subscribe to the store newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time.

The promotion runs between midday GMT Friday 2nd of April through to 9am GMT Monday 5th of April 2010.

Important - How To Get Your Serial Code

Use the serial code from Uniblue with the SpeedUpMy PC 2010 build from the V3 Software Store. Using the code with other versions of this software may result in your serial code being deactivated after the promotion expires on Monday. The serial code includes a 3-PC, 1-Year license.

You can obtain your serial code during this promotion only from: mag.uniblue.com/sto…up/


Dosent get any cheaper than free, have some heat and welcome

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Dosent get any cheaper than free, have some heat and welcome

thx very much


Downloaded it, got worried about the lack of control it gives you over changes it proposes making, read the reviews and uninstalled it fast - there's a reason it's free!
You have no control whatsoever over the processes it chooses to delete or modify - rather you than me is all I can say!

Appreciate the advice thanks alot uninstalled


You have no control whatsoever over the processes it chooses to delete or … You have no control whatsoever over the processes it chooses to delete or modify - rather you than me is all I can say!

You do have control.

After the scan (which makes no changes) click on one of the headings (Speed tools/System tweaks/Junk files). It then shows you the changes it suggests. If you don't like the change click on the tick mark (it takes a second or so to register the change but the tick then disappears). Repeat for all categories then click "Speed up now".

more info from a professional review - not all bad, but not a risk I want to take - I'd rather know exactly what's going on and have some choices...

"The majority of the functions of this software are automated, but you do get some degree of manual control when you work your way through the menus for the various components of your system. You can forcibly free up RAM and perform a deep recovery if you notice your memory getting overloaded, and you'll find an application booster for the CPU that allows you to prioritise certain software. Aside from this there's not a lot of additional control over the optimisation process itself, and not a lot of information, either in the form of a results window or progress logs, on exactly what the software is doing.

Aside from these tools you'll also find some more conventional inclusions such as a startup optimiser, disk cleaner, file shredder and uninstall manager. You'll find most of these tools available in Windows anyway, so they don't sell the package by themselves, but in forming part of a comprehensive suite they're certainly welcome.

After running the software for a few days we can't honestly say we experienced any massive increases in speed, but in the field of optimisation you rarely do. What we can say is that we didn't notice any ill effects, and things did generally appear to be running a tad more smoothly than usual. We did find the software very easy to use, making it great for beginners, but this level of automation also contributed towards the few negative issues we have.

As mentioned above, you're not given a lot of information on what's going on, and not really enough control over the fine tuning of processes yourself should you so desire. The help files can tell you what each tool is doing to your system, but integrating this more effectively into the optimisation process would have been nice."

my first post was not very succesful either Reeferman

nor was mine ;-)

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ok guys well i gave it a go

you do have control by the way just expand the catagory after the scan and select or deselect what you want to change . but if thats a little difficult then thats fine hehe
as this was my first post as long as i got the posting wright then thats cool i will be keeping an eye out to produce new posts.
thx for your comments guys

yeah, not enough control, unless you don't care about *exactly* what gets done on the pc - I did look at it and did the scan before I uninstalled it Still, like I said not all reviews were completely bad - horses for courses I guess...

I think it's sometimes unpredictable anyway what will get voted really hot on here and what goes cold....still trying to figure that out for myself! i saw a deal I was about to post but someone else beat me to posting go cold and I've no idea why - i would have done it if I was eligible and I gave it to my son who thought it was a brilliant deal and will do it... good luck with working it all out! ;-)

Hot for me

I have had an older version of this running on my works laptop with no problems for several years now.

I can't understand why this is cold, none of these products will make vast differences to a relatively clean/well maintained pc, but, this does what it is supposed to. Heat added.

thank you ,
and thanks for accept me like a visitor or a member ship


wouldn't trust it personally
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