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Undisputed Street Fighter Deluxe Edition: A 30th Anniversary Retrospective - £43.40 @ SpeedyHen
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Calling all hardcore retro gamers among us - Brought this when it came out at full whack (more fool me ikr), was looking to get my mate the same for his B-day after he saw how aw… Read more
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scrap that...just read this properly. its a book!!!


so saw on fb, preorders get streetfighter 4 ultra free too....is that with this deal too?


I was a Zangief man, not many of us but I loved me a decent spinning pile drive.


It's hit and miss, sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't, either way, worth a try right?


Chun-li is the only way ! :D

New Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild game guide £13.91 and free delivery @ Speedyhen!
Found 3rd Mar 2017Found 3rd Mar 2017
cheapest gaming guide I could find for the new Zelda! It's £14.99 from amazon so finding it at this price with free delivery is awesome!

Its very good, going to try it on the switch in a bit. Ive not played a Nintendo in 20 years apart from portables and I have to say nobody does it like Nintendo. Its a refreshing change from Xbox/PS. On the Wii U the game can screen tear from time to time, but if your playing Nintendo its not for the super 4k graphics.


This game is worth buying a guide for. It leaves a lot up to the player to discover, so any guidance is useful! How are you enjoying the game? I assume you've got the Wii U version, since you've been playing it all week ;)


Thanks OP for reminding I needed this. Been playing it all week and im stuck, , didnt think about paper guides! Ordered from Amazon.


So is this the hardcover ? They have the hardcover picture, but the format says paperback


This is a good price. Still a bit miffed about Speedyhen messing up the Zelda Artifacts orders up, but never had any other problems with them.

Limited Edition Legend of Zelda Art & Artifacts Book £45 @ Speedyhen
Found 17th Jan 2017Found 17th Jan 2017
Credit to Greyfox112 for pointing out in my Amazon deal of the same product, it was considerably cheaper @ Speedyhen £45 as opposed to Amazon's £66.99 Quite a big price differen… Read more
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You're right, 1 order and nothing but issues... I too have had nothing but issues. I ordered a book that arrived looking like they'd had a quick game of football with it in the warehouse. I sent a nice email. Can you imagine their response? They told me to keep the book, and they will give me a refund! How dare they!? I cannot believe the fantastic service of this company it is a complete (non) disgrace, I can believe they are still in business!


So that's my order now cancelled too. I placed mine pretty much immediately upon this price being highlighted in the Amazon thread (my confirmation email was timed at 6.12pm), so I guess that no-one here's getting the book from SpeedyHen. :(


It was worth posting due to the off-chance you may actually have gotten it at this price, but unfortunately this company does this time and time again. I didn't vote hot or cold.


It appears a leopard never changes its spots. Of course you'll get the odd positive review but law of averages dictates that. The frequency of negative comments should have been warning enough but cheers for the heads up anyway


I don't really order much from Zavvi so no idea... But seems as so I was right. Sorry guys/girls but I would avoid this company.

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Gears of War 4 Collector's Edition Guide £16.07 Speedyhen
Found 18th Sep 2016Found 18th Sep 2016
Hardback edition. Apparently comes with a Cog Tag necklace, exclusive tracks from the game soundtrack and Ops Crate DLC. Amazon is £25. Hopefully will be useful to somebody.

Some cracking prices on guides coming from Speedyhen. Thanks OP went for the Skyrim guide will pass on this one though.


I wasn't knocking you mate i just find it odd that people would do that.


Hey I wasn't saying it's a good thing or criticising this deal (truthfully I have no idea if this is a good deal as I don't go in for game guides), just saying that's what happens. Ideally that's not how it would work but since it does it seems easier to just give fair warning to the people posting deals than to try and change the minds of the anonymous masses dishing out cold votes; especially since something tells me those people never even read the comments on the deals they're voting on.


Well then if people do that they need to get a life if that is how they think, sharing deals shouldn't be criticised that way they should be applauded for them taking the time out of their lives to share something.


Because when one person posts a bunch of similar deals in a row they tend to get mass voted cold regardless of how good they actually are, particularly in the gaming section.

Skyrim Special Edition Collector's Guide £16.07 Speedyhen
Found 18th Sep 2016Found 18th Sep 2016
Hardback edition with over 1,100 pages. Also comes with a Dragonborn Bookmark and a large two-sided map poster. Amazon have it at £25.

i got it for free prima games.com sent me a email to fill out a 2 minute survey and a $9.99 free voucher code in return so i pre ordered this guide (digital) with it


Thanks, will get this for my friend.


Missed out on the Witcher guide as I'd bought it from an eBay deal but definitely cancelling my Amazon order for this one heated :D


Nice find. Recently got the Witcher one looks like another for the shelf :)


Heat from me.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End : Ruled Journal £8.41 (Using Code) Delivered @ Speedyhen (Backorder)
Found 8th Jun 2016Found 8th Jun 2016
Use code: NEWCUST16 *** Also 5% cashback available via TCB/Quidco This is almost half the price of Amazon. Both Amazon and Speedhen are currently OOS but they are taking back-ord… Read more

Haha! That was a lot of coordinations to locate you in case you didn't come back mate! Wish you a safe journey and an easy sale :)


I couldn't resist mate lol you know me :D Greetings from Eisenstadt in the wild east of Burgenland by the way. Had to come out here for a week to finalise the sale of me mum's house and get the last bits out of it we want back in blighty. Drove over through the night in a lovely brand new Transit Jumbo hire van. Left Essexshire just after 6 teatime and even with an hour delay on the channel tunnel arrived here in Eisenstadt around half 11 this morning local time. Absolutely f x x x x d so will be hitting the sack any second, catch ya again soon 8)


Was looking forward to see you! Lol


Sorry but you're nothing in the world of treasure hunting if you ain't had one of these for at least a month now :p


It was never in stock :D

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Dark Souls 3 Estus Flask Edition (Hardback) @ SpeedyHen
Found 2nd Apr 2016Found 2nd Apr 2016
Preorder for 12/04/2016 Free Standard Delivery. Hope this helps :) THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE GAME! This edition doesn't come with the game whether ordered from SpeedyHen, Amazon, … Read more
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​The light underneath does look pretty good.


Thanks, will just have to find a decent light. My ceiling light is kinda yellowish so I would need a dull bulb like that, looked pretty good when I held it up in front of it.


It actually looks alright with the light underneath, and seems to have potential :) glad that you're making use of it :)


Here's the sword and box.


As you can see, some light can get through. If I had a yellow LED base for it instead of the white one, it would look pretty cool.

Star Fox Zero Collectors Edition Guide £13 @ Speedyhen
Found 8th Mar 2016Found 8th Mar 2016
Everywhere else seems to be £19.99. Free delivery as well.

I laced my comment with a smidge of irony. But yeah sure, anyone can find guides online. Printed guides still make money though because a lot of people like to buy them as a companion piece to the actual game. I wonder what they've added to get it up to a 294 page count.


Do you open up this guide and printed on every page is just 'DO A BARREL ROLL!' ?


That's why internet walkthroughs exist. And if offline, just download it.


Lol a guide!


Cool, nice, thanks, ordered :)

Dark souls 3 Collector's edition guide book £13 @ Speedyhen
Found 12th Feb 2016Found 12th Feb 2016
Great price for the official guide book (hardback). Out 12th April. Plus use code NEWCUST16 for 5% off (New customers). Thanks KoopaDuckie.
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Cheers pal ordered mine before £13.30 delivered


£13.59 at amazon also, can't imagine it will be that price for long as the paperback copy is £14.99. Heat added anyway!


It's a collectors item and this becomes out of date after the first month anyway.


Not a problem :)


Nice. Thanks, I'll put that in the description.

Pre order Street Fighter V Prima Games guide book £13 delivered from Speedyhen
Found 3rd Feb 2016Found 3rd Feb 2016
This is a decent price for any interested in the upcoming release of Street Fighter V. Granted most of the information is probably available online, this could still appeal to coll… Read more

Yes information online will be constantly updated and better than this but guides like these are really good for newbies to the genre, without the information overdose you will get by trawling forums.


Correction: F,D,DF+P


SpeedyHen are utterly unreliable, in my experience. They've not been able to fulfil any order I've ever placed with them. I closed my account with them recently.


Of course all this information is available online, and its a good idea you've shared the links here. In all fairness the guide includes access to an e-eguide which will be updated continually. However, I've personally bought this book as a Street Fighter collector and did not want to pay £19.99 which was is going rate. I'm just sharing this info for any in the same boat.


No doubt SRK will have most of this covered off, so this is more an artbook. However it's the cheapest I could find this 'artbook'.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Hd Collector's Edition: Prima Official Game Guide £14 @ speedyhen
Found 21st Jan 2016Found 21st Jan 2016
Standard Edition for £10.45 http://www.speedyhen.com/Product/Prima-Games/The-Legend-of-Zelda-Twilight-Princess-HD-Prima-Official-Game-Guide/19139042

I'm fairly certain that's not Amazon-exclusive. https://www.primagames.com/games/legend-zelda-twilight-princess-hd/feature/legend-zelda-twilight-princess-hd-collectors-edition-and-cloth-map-revealed


I couldn't see if the cloth map will be included with this edition from speedyhen, it's included with the Amazon collectors edition but it's £19.99 which is pretty steep. If they're both the same then I'd definitely buy from speedyhen, it's a great deal!


I'd expect the content to be the same in large part, yes, though with updates for whatever changes are present from the update. Of course, we'll not know for certain until the game and guide are actually released. Those reading this thread may be interested to know that the Hyrule Warriors Legends guide is also available for pre-order from SpeedyHen, currently with a base price of £13.00: http://www.speedyhen.com/Product/PRIMA--GAMES/HYRULE-WARRIORS-LEGENDS-CE-GUIDE/19232278


I already own the Wii version of this guide will it be the same?


Speedyhen are great. As Illusionary said, you'll probably get it a couple of days after release date but they're a solid company. I've had a great customer support experience with them too with the Fallout 4 guide which had a manufacturing defect, they sent me out a replacement free of charge with next day delivery, no questions asked other than photos of the defect. Filled me with a lot of confidence in using them for other guides.

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD Collectors Edition Prima Guide £13 @ speedyhen
Found 11th Jan 2016Found 11th Jan 2016
http://www.speedyhen.com/Product/Prima-Games/The-Legend-of-Zelda-Twilight-Princess-HD-Collectors-Editi/19139043 Collectors Edition Twilight Princess HD for £13
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Pre ordered thanks.


​Maybe you need some vinegar to go with all that salt.


Dont bother with him, just another Idiot desperate to reignite the console war.


this makes no difference to the Wii-U owner who never had those consoles or never played it before...


Wow, so now Wii U owners are being encouraged to shell out for a guide for a remake of the Wii remake of a Gamecube game? Nintendo fans really will lap up anything.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Prima Hardback Strategy Guide / £13.00 + Free Delivery @SpeedyHen.co.uk
Found 11th Dec 2015Found 11th Dec 2015
Quick repost as found slightly cheaper, sorry, and edit of original post not available.
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They must have sold out. Sold out on the other site as well.


Spreadsheet of items and monsters here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1g0YR4M8RAHiRhCbAvV4tjXXHLEhRMrARzZMYAUGmyZ4/htmlview?sle=true#


says pre-order only


59p cheaper than this deal which I'm not allowed to edit otherwise I would have: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/xenoblade-chronicles-x-prima-hardback-strategy-guide-13-59-free-delivery-hive-co-2348015?p=26752715

Some cheap official collector's game strategy guides £13 each (delivered) @ speedyhen
Found 3rd Nov 2015Found 3rd Nov 2015
A good deal for anyone who likes collector's edition of game guides. There are some cheap hardback collector's edition guides (which are cheaper than elsewhere, including amazon) c… Read more
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I personally like guides for open world games or games you'll spend a long time immersed within. It's nice to have a memento of that investment to leaf through as and when. But then, I'm old school and I like books :)


Do we need a physical guide for ANY game? No, we live in the age of the Internet. People still enjoy them though.


I've had no problems with them in the past - good prices and good service. I have a few of these on order at £12.90 - and keep being tempted by one or two more... they do make nice collector's items. Very minor point - this isn't a pre-order any longer. :p


I would'nt reccomend this site, they have let me down before. They took my money and then never sent me the guide i ordered. It was a zelda one as far as i can recall. I had to hound them to get a refund.


Prima's really upped their game and make guides on par with Piggyback these days. Nice find. Heat!

Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide bundle £43.30 @ speedyhen (RRP: £79.99)
Found 25th Oct 2015Found 25th Oct 2015
Currently £66.69 @ amazon. This edition includes Nuka Cola collectibles: a Nuka Cola metal bottle opener, five magnetic bottle caps and a Nuka Cola embroidered patch. Also includi… Read more
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Got mine today. They only sent the e-mail yesterday to say it was being dispatched and didn't really expect it until the end of the week. I'm not planning on opening mine any time soon though :{




So has anyone actually. Received this ? Did they take payment on order ?


​It's payment issues, not insufficient stock - though these are still certainly an annoyance. The shipping delays are down to their suppliers and have also affected the likes even of Amazon.


Mmmmm. Surely they knew how many they were going to receive before taking orders. Bit ridiculous really.

Limited Edition game guide pre-orders - £12.90 at SpeedyHen (includes Xenoblade Chronicles X, Star Fox Zero, Star Wars Battlefront, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5, Black Ops III)
Found 18th Sep 2015Found 18th Sep 2015
Speedy Hen are now listing various Prima game guides for pre-order, with the (hardback) Collector's Editions available for £12.90. These prices typically increase as we approach th… Read more
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​That's the standard edition, unfortunately. The collectors edition is £16.40.




​Not Star Fox Zero, though. :( Still, I've gone for the same.


gone for xenoblade and starfox. just can't stop spending of late. some great games coming out before christmas.



Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes Collectors Edition Guide - SpeedyHen £12.90
Found 17th Sep 2015Found 17th Sep 2015
Collectors Edition Guide is available to preorder from SpeedyHen http://www.speedyhen.com/StoreFront/Product/The-Legend-of-Zelda-Tri-Force-Heroes-Collectors-Edition-Guide/1851494… Read more
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£14.90 now. :(


The problem with having a full set of guides is that keeping that status needs maintenance. :p £12.90 seems to be about the low point for 'collectors' guidance of late - thanks for this, ordered. :)

Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide : Prima Official Game Guide - £10.35 Delivered - Speedy Hen
Found 15th Aug 2015Found 15th Aug 2015
These guys are pretty well known on both eBay and Amazon, they have just under a million positive feedback on eBay (which I will link below) and PayPal is an accepted form of payme… Read more
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I've ordered the hardback.....better late than never I guess? :p Heated Buzz ;)




Physical guides can be easier as a reference source than online sources. Guides (especially hardbacks) can also be a nice collectors' item if done well.


never really understood why people order guides


tempting just to have for niceness nothing beats the fallout wiki tho:P

A Right Pair of ****: The Complete ******* Derek & Clive CD boxset - £19.90 at Speedyhen!
Found 4th Aug 2015Found 4th Aug 2015
Sub-£20! A great price for this set.
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Nice one, thanks. Will try and find it later. Was it a Derek & Clive or just a Cooke & Moore?


It's called "hello?" I've just listened to it again on youtube & now everyone in the office is wondering why I'm crying with laughter over Excel spreadsheets...


I always remember hearing this sketch they did (unsure as Derek & Clive, or just performed as 'themselves') where a random phone call is made and as 2 complete strangers they end up chatting for ages. I don't suppose anyone knows what this is called?


Where? There's a version from Amazon for £20.99 that's currently approaching 200 degrees - is that the one you're thinking of?


Already posted.