Spelunker Party (Nintendo Switch) 50% Off - £12.49 (download version) @ Nintendo

Spelunker Party (Nintendo Switch) 50% Off - £12.49 (download version) @ Nintendo

Found 15th Jan 2018
Been waiting for a price drop on this for awhile and today's the day it would seem.

It's now showing a discount of 50% on the Switch store, so £12.49 instead of the usual £24.99.
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Any good as a single player game as I am guessing it is local onl
I've had fun playing the demo version of it, give that a try and see what you think. Depending on how it scales up in difficulty/map size as the game progresses will affect the single player aspect.
Bit cheaper on Swiss region ~£11.29
This fun. Good multiplayer
Been playing this on and off for a while now, clocked at around 20hours and im only on the 3rd world (there are 4 in total), there is alot of re-playability if doing all quests and what-not is your thing. My only gripe is that as a sole single player game, you cant 100% all items and collectables, so you are forced to use either local co-op or the multiplayer (the multiplayer is generally dead, takes at least 15 mins+ to find a single player as you sit in a lobby). On the 3rd world, it does get quite challenging as there is little room for errors, I like it. Good price.
Had to look twice at the name of this game! My mucky mind no doubt!!
andysmith19807 m ago

Had to look twice at the name of this game! My mucky mind no doubt!!

Nothing like a messy spelunker party eh.
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harlowlad4 h, 38 m ago

This fun. Good multiplayer

You good english speak
fun good Spelunky part
Downloaded the demo and this game is garbage!

I was busy plating Steamworld Dig 2 beforehand though, which although is not multiplayer, is the far better mud slinging game.
MyteeWun10 h, 6 m ago

fun good Spelunky part

This game is nothing like Spelunky... now go wash your mouth out!
Tried to play demo two player local on switch screen.
Impossible! It just splits your screen into two horizontally.

I thought it might be like the Mario platform games where you share the screen.
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