Spend £10 &  get a £10 credit at Dixons Travel with American Express &  Foursquare

Spend £10 & get a £10 credit at Dixons Travel with American Express & Foursquare

LocalFound 11th Jan 2014
Make sure your American Express card is synced with your Foursquare account first. The check in at a Dixons Travel store and spend £10 or more on your Amex card to get a £10 credit statement.

Only valid to the 12th January and for the first 500 customers...... I hope someone is headed to an airport and it's of use.

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Sync your card and Foursquare account here...


Visit a Dixon Travel store if you're at an aiport this weekend, check in using your FourSquare App and you should see the details of the special offer, load it to your card before spending in the store on your Amex....

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Being lazy here - but what exactly do dixons travel do? Package holidays? Or short breaks etc
Dixons Travel is the familiar Dixons Electronics - just the branches at the airports. Looks they have rebranded those stores and offering preorder, setup etc.
Never used FourSquare, was about to sign up but just read this "Connecting this app will allow it to do certain things like create new check-ins on your behalf and access personal information such as your profile information, check-in history, friends list, tips and to-dos."

What profile information and which friends list? Is this connected to Facebook it some other social media app?
You can create a new Foursquare account and opt to not add any friends etc. From memory they may suggest scanning your email address book or similar to find friends but you can just opt out. I have created 2 accounts now purely for using the Amex offers and not had any issues. I think there's the choice to sign up/in with Facebook, I guess you'd want to avoid that too.
I noticed that you can check in to some of these stores on FourSquare without being present at them. Trying my luck, I phoned a branch to see if a transaction over the phone with delivery is possible.....as I thought would be the case, it's not. I hope someone travelling sees this and it is still of use.
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