Spend £10 on desserts @ Devilishh - Get £10 M&S Voucher with Lovefilm Trial
Spend £10 on desserts @ Devilishh - Get £10 M&S Voucher with Lovefilm Trial

Spend £10 on desserts @ Devilishh - Get £10 M&S Voucher with Lovefilm Trial

I am not entirely sure what you could do with a tenners worth of chocolate sauce and creme caramel but I am quite innocent.

I think this is a lot of palarva for a voucher but might be useful for someone holding a kids party / swingers party or something else icky.


Love Puds? Love Film? Love M&S? Together we have everything you need for the perfect night in!

DeviliShh™ has teamed up with LOVEFiLM to offer our customers a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL WITH LOVEFiLM PLUS A FREE £10 M&S VOUCHER as a thank you for purchasing our products online!

Treat yourself and your loved one to a delicious meal from M&S and finish with an indulgent DeviliShh™ pud as you snuggle on the sofa with your favourite film. Everything you need for the perfect night in!

How Does it Work?

1.Place an order at devilishh.com (£10 minimum order - FREE P&P!)
2.You will receive an email confirming your order
3.Despatch of your order will then be confirmed by email. This will include a code to redeem your FREE 30 DAY TRIAL WITH LOVEFiLM
4.Register on the LOVEFiLM website, entering your details and the promotion code
5.Add 10 films to your rental list and your FREE £10 M&S VOUCHER will be despatched soon after your first film
Visit lovefilm.com to find out more.


•Britainʼs largest range of films and games – 70,000 titles and counting
•FREE first class post for DVD, Blu-ray & Games rental
•Thousands of films to stream instantly to your PC, TV or PS3™ at no extra cost
•No late fees or fixed contracts - cancel anytime


Have a look at hotukdeals.com/vou…30/

I think there is a free 30day/£10 ms voucher there.


I don't mean to be negative but the £10 M&S voucher + 30-day trial is available directly on the LoveFilm website. There is no need to purchase anything.


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But then you cant lock yourself away and eat a tenners worth of dessert in secret :-( dont take that away from me

What?? This goes mildly warm, whilst a whole host of good deals get a barrage of cold votes as soon as they're posted?

There are far better deals out there with lovefilm, such as about £20 cashback with quidco, or 2 free cinema tickets... or this offer without having to spend any money upfront

The early voters on here confuse me greatly.

Hi folks,

Just to clarify - you can get a 14 day free trial with Lovefilm on their website as standard, but you require a code on a special promotion to get a 30 day free trial and a voucher.

Our puds are a pretty new concept - the cheats way to making posh puds We hope this encourages people to try them out and importantly, enjoy them!
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