Spend £20 instore, get at least £5 off £35 @ Marks & Spencer
Spend £20 instore, get at least £5 off £35 @ Marks & Spencer

Spend £20 instore, get at least £5 off £35 @ Marks & Spencer

Until this sunday (21st of september), each time you spend £20 instore, you get a peel and reveal ticket.
You can win up to a £1000 shoping spree with a peronal stylist, but non-winning tickets contain a voucher offering £5 of ¨35 spend on Clothing, Beauty and Home (voucher to be used by 31/10/2008).

This competition/promotion started yesterday. I was buying a whole new stock of shirts and ties and paid for them all in one purchase before being haded the ticket. When I realised this, I went to the refund till, spoke to them: there is nothing they can do apart refunding all my buys, and me buying again all my stuff in different transactions.

Each time you pay more than £35, you use a ticket, and you get a new one! So, in the end I saved £20 out of £215, which is nearly 10%!
And if you are lucky, many people drop their tickets in the shops (as they are not interested), so you don't even have to spend the first £20 to get your first voucher.

Hope it helps, and prevent you to have to refund all your stuff and buy it again (it tooks me more than half an hour).

P.S.: athough the tickets says "no more than 1 voucher to be used per person per day", my GF and I managed to use 2 vouchers each at the same shop the same day. They do not really check.

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