Spend £40 on games @ The Hut and get £5 off
Spend £40 on games @ The Hut and get £5 off

Spend £40 on games @ The Hut and get £5 off

Discount will apply automatically.
Promotion ends 4th November..


does the £2 voucher still work?

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does the £2 voucher still work?

I don't think it does, no

Aw man!
Woiuld have been perfect

Fallout 3 CE for £42.97 not bad! Cheapest compared to the £49.99 at various other etailers.

When i add a game to cart its not auto applying the discount?

Same here

I was gonna take a chance on the new guitar hero bundle on the xbox 360 but no discount when I add it to the basket or any voucher code I can see, I was also sent the mail from them about this offer

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Anyone else having problems with this?

Seems to be working fine for me. The discount appears to be evenly distributed between the games in your basket. Can anyone verify if this is true upon shipment? I have a few pre-orders that I may or may not cancel later on - too much coming out next month! + It would be nice getting a £5 discount on a cheaper game. :whistling:

Discount is now working!!

Still not working on Guitar hero world tour :x

Sent a ticket asking why, cannot see any terms why it wouldnt be included
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