Spend £50 in store or online & save 5p a litre on petrol @ Tesco
Spend £50 in store or online & save 5p a litre on petrol @ Tesco

Spend £50 in store or online & save 5p a litre on petrol @ Tesco

This is back on starting tomorrow (01/09/2008)

Spend £50 in store or online and save 5p a litre on petrol or diesel

Ends 21/09/2008

Includes purchases from Tesco.com grocery and Direct websites.
Offer excludes Express.


Brilliant Den, thanks :thumbsup:

Great news, no coincidence though that they put up the price of petrol today!!!!!

Have they? :?

not such a gd deal my end, as our tescos is a rip off on petrol, asda is 4mile up road and 5p a litre cheaper anyway

Every little helps, heat added for a good deal :-) xx

How much is it where you are (in general)

Just been to Tesco's at Ollerton, Nottinghamshire and Diesel is 125.9p Litre.
10 miles away is ASDA at 119.9p litre.

I am in Crayford in Kent and Sainsburys is £109.9 for unleaded but Tescos a few miles away have recently put up there petrol price to £114.9!!!!!!!! Coincidence or what????

they've not put the prices up in Tesco here in Inverness - I work at one for my sins.

And I HATE those bloomin coupons with a PASSION!!! (I don't drive see so no gain for me... just just extra work hehe)

and we weren't told bout the promo... rarely do! I always have to read it off here or from ads on the telly :?


How much is it where you are (in general)

my tescos £1.13.9 asda £1.08.9 where i am

Checked today 111.9 (Rip off merchants eh?)

Not a fantastic deal when you consider that they're diesel is 121.9 ltr compared with Morrison's @ 119.9ltr (Lincoln), suppose 3p is better than a poke in the eye etc, but 5p off of the real price would demonstate 'every little helps', means we like making huge profits from you.

I have to agree with some of you.
Where I live, Tesco always have the most expensive petrol.
In Sunderland, it is currently 107.9 at Asda, Morrisons and Sainsburys but is 111.9 at Tesco.

I'm afraid I can't vote hot on the principal that their petrol is so high.
At least when Sainsburys have the deal on they don't up the price of the petrol!

I work at a Tesco petrol station.. have done for 8 and a half years. I've never noticed price hiking for the 5p fuel promo.

Gotta go to work tonight with that bloomin promo started... gonna be busy busy! :x

notice how tesco refuse to put their prices down even though asda and morrisons put theirs down thursday!! rip off merchants tesco are. they are always the first to put their fuel price up and last to put it down.
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