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Posted 3 October 2022

Spend £50 Esso and get £5 back (selected accounts) @ American Express

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Update 1
06/10 - Maybe possible to stack with the £5 off £25 Amex spend offer across any retailer (selected accounts) - link to thread
Spend £50 Esso by 13/11 and get £5 back (selected accounts), save to card if you have the offer. Valid once per Card for the first 14,000 Cardmembers to save. Terms apply, listed below.



  • These Offer Terms (including the offer description above) set out the key terms of our Esso offer. Please make sure you read these together with our General Offer Terms, which contain important additional terms, including information about when statement credits or points can be reversed or lost.
  • Statement credits will be awarded for eligible transactions using your Card during the offer period, as explained above and within these Offer Terms and General Terms. A statement credit should appear on your Card Account statement within 30 days from the date you made an eligible transaction but may take up to 90 days from the Offer End Date.Please note that the Offer End Date may be extended.
  • Offer only applies to spend settled in Great British Pound (GBP) on the Card to which the offer is saved.
  • By saving the Offer to your Card, you agree to all our Offer Terms.
  • Offer is not valid for payment made using the pay at the pump facility.
  • Offer is only valid on the purchase of fuel.
  • Offer valid at the following participating location(s): Click here
  • Food and beverage concessions in store are excluded.
  • Offer excludes purchases made via the merchant's mobile phone app.
  • Offer is not valid on any orders made on the shop floor via staff merchant iPads/tablets.
  • Available in participating store(s).
  • Only one credit per UK Card.
  • This offer only applies to purchases on the Card to which the offer is saved (including where the Card has been added to a mobile wallet). If we send you a replacement Card following any fraud [or fraudulent activity] on your Card, and if the offer is still available, you may need to save the offer again to your replacement Card for you to be enrolled.
  • Purchases made through “payment facilitators” are not eligible and will not count towards your spend for the purposes of the offer. A payment facilitator is an intermediary that accepts payments on behalf of the seller of the goods/services. Payment facilitators can include some online payment platforms/ marketplaces, and entities that provide certain card acceptance products (such as mobile card readers) to sellers of goods/services;
  • Transactions that are subsequently cancelled or refunded will not count towards your spend for the purposes of the offer.
  • By enrolling and making a qualifying purchase, you acknowledge that to enable you to redeem the offer, American Express may share certain transaction data and the first digits of your Account number with the merchant to reconcile and assess the offer. For more information about how we share your information with the merchant, please review our Cardmember Privacy Statement.
  • We will use your personal information such as name, email address, Account number and transaction information to manage your participation in the offer and to track your spend. Please see our Cardmember Privacy Statement for details of how we use your personal information.
American Express More details at American Express
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  1. Avatar
    Worth pointing out that it doesn't work for pay at the pump so I'm assuming you would need to go inside to make the purchase for it to track purchase.

    Offer is not valid for payment made using the pay at the pump facility.Offer is only valid on the purchase of fuel."
  2. Avatar
    Nope , not here , mind if I fancied spending £100s at Harrods or Victoria Beckham Limited all would be good , I seriously wonder if the algorithm on my account is a bit skewered as all the travel offers are always for a different rail company than my local one too
    If talking LNER you can buy all national rail tickets via LNER and the discount works. Tickets in LNER app as well
  3. Avatar
    For those with a Curve card they’re currently offering 10% off when paying via the Esso app (edited)
  4. Avatar
    Would this work in conjunction with the PayPal offer if using the Esso app?
    *Probably* not - usually the card issuer sees PayPal as the retailer and doesn't see through it to see the underlying merchant.
  5. Avatar
    Sadly not on my BA or Platinum.
  6. Avatar
    I managed to get this to my card last year, unfortunately finding a station that was part of the offer was impossible.
  7. Avatar
    would it work if it's an Esso managed by Tesco?
    Didn’t work for me the last time I used a Tesco branded esso
  8. Avatar
    Always nice to see but finding an Esso that's actually an Esso and not a Tesco is a challenge.
  9. Avatar
    keep going to the supermarkets these Esso are expensive
    TBH, Esso is cheaper than the supermarkets now.
  10. Avatar
    Thanks on my gold.
  11. Avatar
    Thanks for posting. Managed to save to my card 😁
  12. Avatar
    Thanks, on one of my cards. Just need to avoid the Esso on the Motorway services as that £5 will just be gobbled up on the ruinous price differences.
  13. Avatar
    Nope, just another Sweaty Betty offer...struggling to find any value in Amex rewards on my BA card.

    It's not like there are any worthwhile avios redemption seats either. (edited)
  14. Avatar
    nothing here
  15. Avatar
  16. Avatar
    Not on my ba either
  17. Avatar
    Hot but not on my platinum
  18. Avatar
    Not on mine
  19. Avatar
    Not on my platinum
  20. Avatar
    Not on any of my cards
  21. Avatar
    on platinum cash back card. Saved, cheers
  22. Avatar
    Have it on one card and its additional member. Nothing on Bonvoy. But I already have cashback from Curve which is 10%. So x3 Esso cashback. (edited)
  23. Avatar
    Hot but I’ve not got it
  24. Avatar
    Thanks OP, good spot
  25. Avatar
    Only on my Platinum Cashback card that I don’t use anymore. Not in my Gold.
  26. Avatar
    Didn’t work for me last time. The garage was listed also
    A quick call usually sorts that out. We end up ringing them after every Hilton offer and they have always credited us.
  27. Avatar
    Got it on my Platinum
  28. Avatar
    On my Gold but not my platinum. Seems to be no pattern to who gets it...
  29. Avatar
    It’s not on my Rewards or BA PP cards…
  30. Avatar
    NOt on me
  31. Avatar
    Thanks! Problem for me is my local Esso is 10p per litre more than the local supermarket.
    So this offer makes Esso cheaper than for the £50 worth of petrol.
  32. Avatar
    On our Platinum main and supplement card. Used to post reply so we could wok out the criteria, but not sure why we bother posting who has and hasn’t got the offer as I’ve no idea what the criteria is.
  33. Avatar
    Thanks OP......Esso is cheapest within 5 miles for me as well
  34. Avatar
    Ironically, offer on my card but not really physically possible to use as the car only has a 30L tank (and I rarely drive more than 250 miles in a go, so rarely gets under quarter full).

    Why not just make it 10% off?
    They want this offer to drive sales, whilst also wanting the customers to spend a decent amount of money. Capping it at £5 protects their revenue.
  35. Avatar
    Not on my Amex Nectar.
  36. Avatar
    Thanks OP!
  37. Avatar
    On my platinum card thanks
  38. Avatar
    Not on my BA AMEX
  39. Avatar
    Nothing on my Centurion card 😔
    That’s crazy considering the cost of the card. I would think you guys got your pick of all the deals!
  40. Avatar
    Got it awesome thank you!
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