Sphero BB8 droid cheapest available at Toyrs'r'us for £80.22

Sphero BB8 droid cheapest available at Toyrs'r'us for £80.22

Found 7th Dec 2016
Toys r us has a flash sale of 20% off a £100 spend so add the BB8 to your basket along with the cheapest item I could find on their website, a £0.23 helix fin eraser toysrus.co.uk/mob…118 then get the superb BB8 reduced automatically at checkout to £80.22


Hope this helps somebody for xmas or otherwise
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If only it was in stock
In stock at Burton on Trent
And Northampton
In stock in the Northampton store
Coventry Tamworth and Milton Keynes has them
Birmingham Stevenage and oldbury all have them too
Manchester Hemel Hempstead and Enfield also got them
Watford ilford and Basildon
Shrewsbury Hayes and Bromley
Working Basingstoke and tunbridge wells
Woking not working
Brighton Southampton and Poole have them too
And finally Glasgow
Great if you can find them, none in Bristol sadly
But the code isn't valid for in-store collection; so why all the comments about where it is/out of stick?
Heat added!
I got mine for £79 with the force band (battle worn bundle) a few months ago at Tesco but that was a price glitch on the only 2 they had in store (yeah I bought both) and included staff discount so this is the cheapest I have seen on a 'real' deal, heat
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Manchester Hemel Hempstead and Enfield also got them

It's rubbish save your penny's
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as fun as these are for five minutes the one i bought last year has spent most of its time in its box
Amazon had it cheaper and probably will again.
£80 for a ten-minute novelty gift is way too much. I owned a Sphero, which is what this toy is based on and it is very limited in what it can do.
If your house is carpeted, forget it. Wooden or smooth tiled floors only.
Having played with one at the Gadget Show this year, they are the same thing with a loosely attached head (stuck with a magnet) which comes off rather easily.
My teenage son was desperate to have one after seeing the film, but after 3 minutes playing with it, he changed his mind.
If you have the money and don't care about longevity, knock yourself out. But if you want value for money, I wouldn't spend more than £25 on one of these. There are better smart-phone controlled toys out there for less.
Hot for the price (they were £130 in April) but dead cold for the product.

Amazon had it cheaper and probably will again.

But currently this is cheapest
For people that are into it, these things are hackable and there is a 3rd party app that allows you to modify and reprogram the thing. It's actually a decent app for kids and people that are into tech.
Beep beep beep!!
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