Spi-Dog ---- £8.90 including delivery

Spi-Dog ---- £8.90 including delivery

Found 25th Dec 2007
Man's best friend has taken on the form of a lycra-covered arachnid, and, at gadgetshop HQ, we do believe it's the funniest thing we've seen in quite some decades.

This little fella is the latest in a huge line of iPod compatible add-ons. In fact, the genius invention of The Talented Mr Jobs has spawned a whole industry in its own right.

But it goes a whole lot further than relaying the hip beats from your digital music player (or CD player, for that matter) through its nifty internal speaker. It actually jigs along to the music and keeps time, frantically keeping up with the latest techno tunes and rocking on down to more classic guitar-based riffs. As we believe they're called. In fact, this is a contraption that seriously knows its music.

Indeed, there's no need to plug it in directly to a music source, as Spi-Dog will happily sample the ambient music drifting through the atmosphere in your house or office, and respond accordingly. But beware, for this is a beast that needs to be fed. And his soul food is music, of course. So pay him too little attention and play him too little music and he'll sulk. You have been warned.

Excuse us. Our spider-sense is tingling. And we think it's time for a trip to the gents.

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I saw some 10% codes on here but i couldn't seem to get them to work they were INTRO10 and NUS10 if anyone wants to try their luck.


Looks really good. Can't justify the spends on it ... but looks good all the same.

Have some heat

Now £4.95, ooops, I forgot the delivery charge.
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