Spice Rack with 12 assorted spices - £9.99 @ Lidl

Spice Rack with 12 assorted spices - £9.99 @ Lidl

Found 5th Aug 2013
Great value for a spice rack which comes with 12 assorted spices including oregano, basil, coriander and paprika
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Cheers Edward_Nigma, not a bad price that
Hot, nice rack!
great price -
Good value and great price!
Still many multiple times cheaper in asian shops, just a shame you don't get the jars and the rack though but if you like spices, you can improvise.

Not keen on powdered garlic when the fresh stuff keeps for so long.
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Spices & herbs in these racks are usually years old & don't taste of much (the dark side talking). But perhaps this one is ok (the rebel alliance).

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For anyone that actually uses herbs and spices these jars wouldn't last long at all. Far better to buy your own decent sized jars and get the stuff from a local herb/spices shop.
This is designed to be wall or counter mounted, which is not a good idea as it shortens the shelf live of what already likely to be not a very good product. Always keep dried herbs and spices in a cupboard.
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