Spider-Man 3 (UMD) PSP @asda....£9.97...with FREE DELIVERY

Spider-Man 3 (UMD) PSP @asda....£9.97...with FREE DELIVERY

Found 18th Nov 2007
just bought a PSP for our son for xmas,been looking around on different sites..for some games and films..and came across this

at £9.97 i think its a bargin...and with free delivery.

i think the offer is online only...but will check tomo at local

only second post and got the bug already..lol...and thanks for a great site...bought loads of bargins thanks to you all.


I dont know anyone who would pay more than £3 for a umd

...especially this one!

With UMD a virtually dead format, I think you got ripped off. Sorry

9.97 for a UMD "a bargain"... :giggle:

Don't buy UMDs - get a memory stick and buy PSP Video 9 - then rip the DVD to your PC and convert it to PSP format. That way you get both the normal DVD to watch and videos for the PSP without needing all them disks.

I didn't even know they still carried on making UMD i assumed they'd just written them off and stopped bothering.
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