Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends complete boxset £17.99 @ Play.com

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends complete boxset £17.99 @ Play.com

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First airing in 1981 and narrated by Stan Lee, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends is a true Marvel classic - and comes to DVD for the first time as a complete box set.

The wall crawling web slinger is joined by his Amazing Friends - Firestar and X-Men hero The Ice-Man in thirteen crime busting episodes! Whether it is battling the Green Goblin or foiling the vile plans of Dr Doom our heroes are always ready to battles the forces of evil!

Beautifully restored the complete Box Set is a must have for Spidey fans and collectors of all ages!

Episodes Comprise:

1. Triumph of the Green Goblin
2. The Crime of all Centuries
3. The Fantastic Mr Frump
4. Sunfire
5. Swarm
6. 7 Little Superheroes
7. Videoman
8. The Prison Plot
9. Spidey Goes to Hollywood
10. The Vengence of Loki
11. Knights and Demons
12. Pawns of the Kingpin
13. Quest of the Red Skull
14. The Origin Of Iceman
15. Along Came Spidey
16. A Firestar Is Born
17. Spider-Man: Unmasked!
18. The Translyvanian Connection
19. The Education Of A Superhero
20. Attack Of The Arachnoid
21. Origin Of The Spider-Friends
22. Spidey Meets The Girl From Tomorrow
23. The X-Men Adventure
24. Mission: Save The Guardstar


Great series. I love the 80s.

Excellent series just need the whole of x-men series in one boxset too now fingers crossed

Good price heat added

oh....firestar .........damn i had some fantasies about her.......sad i know lol

Great box set. Bought both seasons separately last year. Cost me more than this for both and getting season 2 on its own was a case of going on ebay as they'd sold out everywhere else.

Got both sets seperate for ebay for around £7 a piece around 3 months ago, but this is definately the best price i've seen from "real retailers". Heat added.
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