Spider-Man / Hellboy / Hulk (3 DVD Box set) - £4.67 delivered @ Select cheaper !

Spider-Man / Hellboy / Hulk (3 DVD Box set) - £4.67 delivered @ Select cheaper !

Found 22nd Oct 2008Made hot 22nd Oct 2008
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When a genetically-modified 'super-spider' bites ordinary guy Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire), he develops fantastic agility, strength, awareness and a talent for web-spinning. As a result of a family tragedy, Peter decides to use his new powers to fight crime under a secret identity: Spider-Man!

Hellboy (Ron Perlman) has been conjured out of black magic in a sacred ritual, by the Nazis, who want help for their dying cause. However, he is rescued by the forces of good and grows up to become a principal fighter in the war against evil and darkness. Then Rasputin appears from the past, with a different agenda.

His quiet life as a brilliant research scientist working with ex-girlfriend Betty Ross (Jennifer Connelly) conceals a painful past. A freak lab accident reveals Bruce's heroic impulses but also unleashes his inner demons. And he becomes the most powerful being on the face of the earth. A super-hero and a monster.

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