Spider-Man The Movie 3 (Xbox 360) & Free Media Remote (worth £7) £24.99 delivered
Spider-Man The Movie 3 (Xbox 360) & Free Media Remote (worth £7) £24.99 delivered

Spider-Man The Movie 3 (Xbox 360) & Free Media Remote (worth £7) £24.99 delivered

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I have not used this company but looks like a good deal,,,there is also 4% back on Quidco

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There cannot be a Spidey fan alive that hasnt seen the stunning movie trailer for the new film, but rather less is known about the accompanying game. It will feature a free roaming environment similar to the previous games though, which is no surprise considering how popular they are and how most subsequent superhero games have reused the same concept. Its also known that almost the entire movie cast will be lending their vocal talents to the game, including Tobey Mcguire, Kirsten Dunst, Thomas Haden Church, James Franco, Topher Grace and Bryce Dallas Howard. The main villains of the game will, like the movie, be Sandman, Venom and the new Green Goblin. However several other minor Spider-Man villains will also appear from the comics, including Shriek and the mysterious Dragon Boss. More information will undoubtedly show up as the movies release date grow closer but a teaser trailer of the in-game graphics for Spidey himself suggest that this will be one of the most impressive next gen movies license so far.

Manufacturer's Description
Based on Sony Pictures Entertainment's Columbia Pictures' feature film of the same name, Spider-Man 3 allows players to experience the actions of heroic red-suited Spider-Man and, for the first time ever, his darker, more mysterious black-suited persona. Set in a larger, dynamic, free-roaming New York City, the game gives players the freedom to choose their own gameplay experience through multiple movie-based and original storylines, fully integrated city missions and performance rewards including improved speed, combat manoeuvres and agility. In Spider-Man 3, players draw upon Spider-Man's completely revamped combat abilities as they protect the city and defeat nemeses using expanded aerial fighting, finishing moves and dynamic webbing during missions and epic boss battles.
Key Features:
Welcome to the dark side - For the first time ever, control the legendary black suit, which magnifies Spider-Man's strength, agility and durability. Punish your enemies with explosive new attacks and incredible upgrades, including fearsome room-clearers. All this power comes with a price, though, as players will find the black suit harder and harder to control. Will you be strong enough to make a heroic choice before your quest for vengeance turns the city against you?

Let freedom ring - Go anywhere at any time in a larger, dynamic, free-roaming New York City and get involved in whatever you want, whenever you want. Players decide how to proceed through the game and set their own goals. Should Spider-Man follow a plot twist, switch to an alternate storyline, fight off crime waves that threaten the city or explore vast interior and underground locations? You decide.

The city is your playground - From towering skyscrapers to the vast new subterranean sewers and subways Spider-Man must patrol all of New York. Three criminal gangs and variety of Super Villains will be competing for your attention, taking hostages, stealing cars, harassing citizens, and creating havoc. Will you be able to save everyone?

Don't let the city go to the dogs - Three vicious gangs have laid claim to the boroughs of New York and must be taken down. As Spider-Man brings these criminals to justice, the crime rate will drop in that section of town and city life will return to normal; if he doesn't, the streets will turn to chaos. These super thugs won't go down without a fight though. Their advanced AI will surround Spider-Man, grapple him, call in reinforcements, and do everything they can to retake their territory.

Everybody was kung-fu fighting - Redesigned from the ground up, the all-new combat system empowers players to perform suit-specific attacks and combo chains to defeat their enemies and complete challenges and missions. New animations, combos, and finishers make punch, kick, and web attacks more effective than ever while executing ground and air manoeuvres.

Super Villains galore - Experience multi-stage, dynamic boss battles against the headlining villains from the movie as well as a host of legendary comic book foes who all take advantage of their environments, their minions, and the large-scale destruction that their superpowers cause in trying to defeat Spider-Man.

Go, go gadget - In addition to faster web-swinging, certain events and environments open up additional Spider-powers for you to control. Using Spider-Man's web abilities, he can catch falling objects including people and debris, fix hazards like broken train rails, barricade doors, and even slingshot from the tops of buildings for increased speed and huge air.

Spider-Man is growing up - As players master Spider-Man's powers through natural progression and completion of missions and challenges, Spider-Man gains ability enhancements including improved web moves, swing skills, and amazing melee combos.

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