Spider-Man/Avengers/Turtles Creepeez Wall Crawler (STOCKING FILLER) £3 @ The Toy Shop £3

Spider-Man/Avengers/Turtles Creepeez Wall Crawler (STOCKING FILLER) £3 @ The Toy Shop £3

Found 10th Nov 2015
Great stocking filler!!

Turn Ultimate Spider-Man into a real Wall Crawler with this great Creepeez figure.

Creepeez have six arms with super-sticky bits on the end. Simply chuck it at your wall and it will hold on.

Wait a while and Spidey will quietly make his way down the wall to the floor – great for grossing out the grown ups!

An ideal gift for Marvel fans aged four and up.

My son received it for his 4th birthday and he loves it - its great for strengthening his arm and practising his throwing skills

choose from - Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Turtles & Spider-Man
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found also in Morrisons
Be aware the sticky feet balls come off very easy. Apart from getting lost or eaten, they don't really go back on properly rendering these useless fairly quickly.
Yeah I'd second that. These are terrible and pretty much don't work at all.
Awful, don't work after 1/2 days
Glad I was not the only one that thought these were completely rubbish. Agree with everyone above about them being useless after one day
If you have a Pound World they had Spidy in their for well you guessed it a £1
My son is playing with it second day now and nothing wrong with it,and his only 4. except it needs to be cleaned in warm water after few falls on the carpet
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