Spider Repellent- Ocado - £2.99
Spider Repellent- Ocado - £2.99

Spider Repellent- Ocado - £2.99

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Using natural plant extracts the Ecozone spider repellent creates a barrier that prevents spiders entering your home. Great for homes, tents, caravans, garages. Deters spider, does not harm them. Child and pet friendly.

Didn't even know this existed !


im a bloke and i hate to admit what a big wuss and coward i am , thank god for this spray !
and i know im speaking for lots of other manly wooses out there !

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Just remember though spiders do have a purpose!

By eating the bugs that can destroy crops, spiders serve an important function in many ecosystems.

I would rather have a spider in the house than 10 bluebottle flys that have been feeding on poo etc.

But the spiders eat the pooey flies!
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would this work on cctv.


would this work on cctv.

Just what I was thinking. Alien like recordings and webs continually triggering the recordings on CCTV are only a novelty for so long.

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But the spiders eat the pooey flies!

Farmer blogs spreads poo on his field to grow our food , where do you draw the line !

Tempted to buy a few bottles and spray just about everywhere, didn't realise such a thing existed. Absolutely terrified of spiders so I got one of those plug in socket repellents the other day but it doesn't really do anything
Spray has mixed reviews ,can anyone confirm that it actually works...



Do you have a spider phobia? Then it's time you joined our Friendly Spider Programme where we will help you to overcome your fears.


Cold from me because it is not needed in this country unless you breed funnel web spiders in your attic..

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It not just for poisonous spiders, some people can't stand money spiders

I use peppermint essential oil and water mixed in a spray bottle or add a couple of drops to the steam mop. I think it helps , I've not seen any in the house for months.​

This is probably just for Southerners
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