Spiderman 10inch bike £14.99 @ B&M

Spiderman 10inch bike £14.99 @ B&M

Found 19th Sep 2013
Found in the Cheltenham store spiderman 10inch bike 29.99 to 14.99! Not for everyone but perfect for my 2 nearly 3 year old!
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This is a balance bike the one with pedals retails at about £30
its got pedals on the front wheel.
Op can u confirm if it's a bike or a balance bike please x
Pedals on front wheels a BIG NO from me. But i know kids who do ride these bikes.
You can't fall off at that price.
Cheers OP!
It's like the one in the picture wheels on the front! Ok for the price balance bikes don't have pedals at all
I mean pedal on front wheel
We got the Thomas version of this bikefor my son, bit I would not recommend them. The pedals being on the front wheels means that they have to try to pedal the bike at a strange angle & it is very difficult, harder than a trike. I would advise to get a 10" balance bike which are suitable from about 18 months/2 years onwards. Then later on get a regular 12" bike. My son was riding his 12" bike without stabilisers at the age of 3 & we only paid about £2 for it from the local tipshop! The Thomas bike was useless & I sold it on. Anyone interested in balance bike riding, check out the Strider website. They run sessions at BMX tracks in major cities. Only cost £1.50 a session or £3 inc hire of all the kit inc bike, pads, helmet, gloves etc. Great for kids to get confident & enjoy learning to ride their balance bikes if there are sessions at a track near you.
does anyone know if the offer is still on, on the spiderman bike??

does anyone know if the offer is still on, on the spiderman bike??

I advise giving your local a call to check this.
When I got mine they had them in 2 places one said 14.99 the other said 24.99 if you go in b and m it's worth doing a price check at the till x
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