Spiderman 3 and 300 only £9 each at Morrisons

Spiderman 3 and 300 only £9 each at Morrisons

Found 21st Oct 2007
This is my first deal so sorry if i miss something.
Seems morrison is doing great prices on new releases, i got both spiderman 3 and 300 2 disk editions for £9, dont know if any other ones are there as i was only looking for them. Im not sure this is national as i only been to morrisons in plymouth.


They were £8 each in my local Morrisons. went back today spiderman 3 was £9.99 the 300 was £11.99. when i first looked all the latest titles were £8 but now they are priced at £11.99

think the staff there cocked up! the £9 promo ended last week. spiderman is £9.99 as will be hostel part 2 & dirty dancing 20th aniversary. also lost series 3 is £42.99

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sorry my bad, think i posted a bit to late :P
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