Spiderman 3 Bouncy Castle £9.97 delivered @ Tesco Direct !!

Spiderman 3 Bouncy Castle £9.97 delivered @ Tesco Direct !!

Found 25th Jan 2008
You must buy sim card to get free delivery !!
Bouncy castle @ £7.49
Sim card @ £2.48 Gets you free delivery !!
Total = £9.97 delivered

Age Group 3yrs+
Features of Product For super heroic antics on dry land - have a bounce-tastic time with this cool Spiderman 3 inflatable bouncy castle. Approximate inflated size: H152 x W160 x D185cm.

Hurry while Stocks last !!!!!!!!
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Free delivery didn't work even adding the sim. Any tips?
I beg your pardon. It came off on the next page. Thanks!
What a great price + Heat
come with a pump?
love the sim card free delivery!
got this last summer and within a couple of weeks it broke!!!!!!!!!!
my son was 2 and 1/2.
the ring in the middle came away from the rest of the plastic and it was just like a big ball!!!!!!!
just return it if it breaks, nothing lost and ya kid gets to play on it for a few weeks.
hmm, considering getting this only to fill with helium... might be fun

hmm, considering getting this only to fill with helium... might be fun

hydrogen might be more spectacular though.......
Great for my upcoming son's birthday - cheers
Good spot, ordered for my wee ones "summer of fun" in the back garden. here's hoping I dont get too canned and try and join in too!. :-D
Unless your kids are really small 3 year olds, I would advise against these. If the child tries to bounce off the edge, the thing tips over.
It does not come with a pump, and trust me you need one.
Oh, and its held together by laces!!!
excellant find and brilliant timing!!

my soon to be 4 yr old spiderman crazy daughter will love this!!!

her b'day on monday so next day delievery shud b monday now... even 2morro will b fine...
I bought one last year for my daughter , same design but a fairytale castle style . They are only good for toddlers , any kid over 3 will be to big . The side panels tie on with string and bigger children can fall over them .

Only used it twice and decided it was too dangerous .

And it's a pain to inflate , every section has to be inflated individually , base then towers, and the side pieces have 4 sections each to inflate .

sorry to rain on anyones parade , but I thought i should warn people !
My 2 came yesterday , going to be easter presents, my nephew and godson both get too much chocolate at easter! going to look for an electric pump now!

Took my Sim card back to Tesco today as we were out near the store, no problem refund nack on my card so only cost 7.49 each! cool
im too late for this one.
anyoen know where I can get the exact same one for a similar price ?

Didn't you all hear? Focus are selling a bouncy castle for 70p
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