Spiderman 3 for Wii 24.49 or less

Spiderman 3 for Wii 24.49 or less

Found 18th May 2007
Hope this already hasn't been posted but it seemed like a good price for this game. 15.50 off. Pretty sure there isn't any shipping either. Don't forget to use quidco for another 5% off.

Hope this helps someone.

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Cheapest but a dire game.


Cheapest but a dire game.


Have you played it, or is that opinion based on a review??

My gf's son is 11 years old and after watching the film upon release, he immediately bought the game and has really enjoyed the game as well, so it comes highly recommended for the kids.

The actual reviews from harsh mags didn't rate it very highly but nevertheless, if someones a big fan of the films, they'll still enjoy the experience.

Yep! Rubbish game out of all the so-called next-gen consoles. The Wii version is WORSE than the PS2 version. The city is hardly shaded-in, the graphics are poor. Here's an excerpt from 1 review:

"Combat and camera controls are awful; a relatively short, completely disjointed storyline; crummy combat moves and lame enemies; graphics are massively underwhelming; cheesy voice acting." Score 4.7 POOR

More comments ...

"One other thing the Wii and PS2 versions have in common is that they are dog ugly. It's as though Vicarious Visions took the Spider-Man 2 graphics engine and proceeded to beat it with ugly sticks until there was almost nothing recognizable left. The city environment is a series of nondescript blocks that are supposed to represent buildings. The streets are sparsely populated, trees and grass look like something out of a PC game circa 1998, and even with everything low-res, the frame rate still chugs"

Hope that helps! Spend your money on a decent game or wait till you can pick it up for a pound or 2 from the junkshop :-D


Have you played it, or is that opinion based on a review??

Played it and wasn't very good took it back and exchanged it for Medal of Honour :thumbsup:
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