Spidersapien - £34.99 delivered ! ( 1/2 price! )

Spidersapien - £34.99 delivered ! ( 1/2 price! )

Found 16th Aug 2007
Spidersapien has been reduced from £69.99 to just £34.99 delivered @ Amazon. This would make an great item to put away for Christmas!

An excellent price, as the cheapest i've seen it elsewhere is £69.96!

Robosapien has taken on the personality of his favourite super hero and has become Spidersapien. He comes with all the original Robosapien features but with his new personality comes a range of new features including Spider-Man armour, a Spider-Man cup, a vocabulary of 'Spider-Man' phrases, and he likes to pretend to shoot webs with 'Web-shooter' noises. Designed by a NASA scientist, Spidersapien uses fluid, biomechanical motion and using the 67 function programmable remote control, he walks, strikes, throws, grabs and dances. Requires 4 x D & 3 x AAA batteries (not included).
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* Robosapien has taken on the personality of his favourite super hero and has become Spidersapien

* He comes with a 67 function remote to make him walk, strikes, throw, grab and dances

* He features special Spider-Man armour and a vocabulary of 'Spider-Man' phrases

* Spidersapien uses fluid, biomechanical motion generating fluid motions and gestures

* He has fast dynamic 2-speed walking and turning and has full-function arms

* Fully programmable by remote with up to 84 program steps with 4 program modes for advanced operations

* The sensors on Spidersapien's fingers, toes and heels can all be programmed to respond when touched

* They also trigger whenever he walks into an obstacles

* Spidersapien also includes a sound sensor for listening

* Requires 4 x D & 3 x AAA batteries (not included) and has extended battery life

Image below taken from Entertainer website:

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I've added some heat for you millarcat as I think this is a good price for a Robosapian. I'm not sure I like his Spidy makeover though! It's a bit 'in your face' but I'm sure kids would love it!!!
Thanks loveabargain

A mini Spidersapien is also available for £12.99:

>>> ][COLOR=darkslateblue][SIZE=2]Mini Spidersapien @ Amazon UK[/SIZE][/COLOR]

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[*]Articulated Arms
[*]Push Activated Pincers
[*]Real Walking Action
[*]Stands 9" tall
[*]Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not supplied)[/LIST][SIZE=2][COLOR=darkslateblue]Manufacturer's Description[/COLOR][/SIZE]

The Mini Spidersapien is the smaller brother of the original Spidersapien (a giant 2-foot version). The Spidersapien range has been developed from the original Robosapien product; a robot invented by NASA scientist Mark Tilden who worked on the robot that went to Mars. Mark Tilden is the inventor of BEAM technology (Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics and Mechanics), a relatively new field of robotics. BEAM robots do not use computers or micro-controllers as brains, instead they have hardwired electronic control systems. BEAM robots are modelled on biological life-forms and can be very simple or highly complex, walking robots. Over $1 million dollars has gone into the development of Robosapien, Robosapien V2, and Spidersapien - Mini Spidersapien has also been born straight from this technology.

Just bumping this thread for those who havent seen. I was just browsing Amazon and found it and came and searched to see if anyone had posted, I missed it yesterday so others may have too.

Brilliant buy, I have bought one for my son to put away for Christmas, it wont be long now!
Thanks bizzyme I emailed the deal to my sis, and she's ordered one for Christmas prezzies too.
this is great my son loves all his robosapiens and is now back into spiderman .I have been looking at this one for ages but price was too much .thanks millarcat
Price has now gone back up - maybe it was a misprice. Have to wait to see if mine comes.
I dont think it was a misprice. From looking at it Amazon have sold out and now have put the price back up to £69.99.

I have had my despatch email from them.
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