Spidersapien Robot - £19.99 @ Currys !  (or £25.98 delivered)

Spidersapien Robot - £19.99 @ Currys ! (or £25.98 delivered)

Found 18th Dec 2007
Spidersapien has been reduced to just £19.99 @ Currys! Order online and collect instore for free or get it delivered for just £25.98 delivered ! Use discount code: YAW834 to get this price.

* Spiderman robot * Walks, kicks and picks up objects

* Loaded with Spiderman phrases * Spiderman armour

* With all original Robosapien features * 67 function * Battery powered
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Good price why cold?

An especially good by if you happen to have shares in a Battery company!

Thanks Mire Mare

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Is this the full size version?
Well its not 6ft but yes it is pretty BIG!

Just so there's no confusion, this isn't 'THE' big one. Robosapien II is twice the size of RoboSapien I, and this 'bot is based on Robosapien I. £20 is good value considering the original price was £100+ and though it doesn't do as much as RS II its not bad...

and don't get caught out by the amount of batteries it takes - six Ds in the feet, four (I think) AAs in the remote...
Isn't it 4 "D" & 3 "AAA", will say on the box anyway.
oh man.. none near me in PC world or currys
I would think that every household in the UK is going to have one of these come christmas day!

A bit like the good old days when it use to be Simon or Bigtrack!

in stock at Southend if it helps anyone!
Thanks they have them in stock near me. just reserved one and will take the one back to tesco that i paid £ 50 for.

I also got two of those Robo Quad things, weird looking spider things, they are down from £80 to £19 and i saw Homersapien at £29 in Curry's
Bought one of these on the 14th £40, just come back from local currys £20 the better. If you paid £40 ask them to refund the difference, worked for me.:thumbsup:
If anybody in the Glasgow area is looking for a white Robosapien i have a new/sealed 1 available for sale.

Please reply here or PM me if interested.
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